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FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2008


SAN DIEGO -- Warner Bros. gave fans their first look at next year's Wonder Woman as its DC Animated panel at Comic-Con International on Saturday

* Panelists included DC Comics' Gregory Noveck and Paul Levitz, voice director Andrea Romano, producer Bruce Timm, director Lauren Montgomery and actor Nathan Fillion (Steve Trevor).

* Noveck held up the Wonder Woman bag that had been circulating the convention -- with its February release date.

* Levitz said the DVD movies were a case on not wanting to make television advertisers happy, but producing material best-suited for the fans.

* Noveck reiterated the casting of Fillion, Keri Russell (Wonder Woman), Virgina Madsen (Hippylota), Rosario Dawson (Artemis), Oliver Platt (Hades) and Alfred Molina (Ares).

* Noveck announced a special two-disc blu-ray editon of Superman Doomsday on Nov. 25. It will include four bonus episodes of Superman: The Animated series, picked by Timm.

* Noveck said Wonder Woman will premiere at a to-be-announced convention. It is an original story from Gail Simone and Michael Jelenic. Jelenic wrote the screenplay.

"For my money, it's one of the best Wonder Woman stories I've ever read," Noveck said.

* Levitz said that Simone brought personal passion to the project. "The challenge was not doing a specific comic, but something that captures the essence of all of them," she said.

* Romano said it's one of the "best-looking casts" she's ever worked with.

Romano said she was looking for somebody to bring an innocence to Diana and found it with Russell. She had worked with Molina before on Justice League. Platt recorded his lines in New York, and because of his shirt scratching, Romano noted, he recorded shirtless.

* Fillion had worked with Russell before. "Giving us a female character who is incredible storng and incredibly heroic and doesn't try to be a man. And Kerri pulls it off very well," he said.

* Montgomery talked about designs. "I didn't want her to be petite. I wanted to give her an athletic feel. She is an Amazon," she said, noting she also wanted to give her a Greek influence.

Timm said there were arguments about Wonder Woman's boots, trying to get the right feel for the size of her calves. He said they looked at Adam Hughes' work.

* Footage was then shown. Fillion said, "That was awesome!"

* Timm said he guarantees there will be more Batman movies. He said the next two Batman projects will be...."you're going to lose it."

* Timm said the odds are 50/50 that Worlds Collide, the script Dwayne McDuffie wrote as a bridge between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, will be made.

* Noveck said when Kingdom Come can be made financially, they would like to. Timm said Warner Bros. has been "tipping its toes" into CG animation and Kingdom Come still might be possible.

* Timm said that the Batman story The Long Halloween has been discussed. Levitz noted that time is also an issue when translating stories.

* Timm said he would love to do a Catwoman movie, and that she ranks high among the second-tier. "She could totally support her own movie and she could erase the stain of the that (live-action movie)," Timm said.

* Asked if fans were more interested in straight adaptations or more inspired by types of stories, the crowd was basically split.

* Noveck said Wonder Woman is "a pretty epic" story. "It spans a long time and a lot of stuff," he said.

* Noveck said he's been hoping for a Captain Carrot film.

* Timm said he hopes he can use his old DC Animated Universe style again. "I hope to do something in my own personal style again -- soon," Timm said.

* Asked about the scope of the action, Montgomery said, "There are a lot of battles. Wonder Woman is an Amazon. She was born in a warrior race. There's a lot of violence in it, but there's only the necessary violence."

"She went to town," Timm said.

* Timm said a direct-to-DVD Justice League Unlimited "could happen."

* Asked about if styles will remain the same for sequels, Timm said, "We don't know yet. But we enjoy experiment with the different styles."

* Timm said the next movie is an adapation of a pre-existing comic and he is enjoying adapting that artist's style.

* Timm said that the Fourth World is being looked at for the DVD movies and a TV series.

* Timm said the two-disc version of Wonder Woman will be "the Lauren-approved violent cut."

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