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SAN DIEGO -- Marvel Comics staged its Secret Invasion panel at Comic-Con Internation on Saturday night.

Following are highlights from the panel:

* The panel started slightly late to allow the crowd inside.

* Panelists include Joe Quesada, Joe Pokaski, Christos Gage, Peter David, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Ivan Brandon, Jason Aaron, Brian Reed, Chris Yost, Nick Lowe, Daniel Way, C.B. Cebulski and marketing's Jim McCann.

* Pages were shown from Secret Invasion #5.

* The new Thunderbolts' creative team will be Andy Diggle and Robert De La Torre. They star in November with #126.

* War of Kings was announced. It starts in August.

Lowe said Vulcan will play a big role, along with Havok, Polaris, Marvel Girl and Corvis. Pokaski said readers will see a different side of the Inhumans, with Black Bolt "pretty pissed off."

* The whereabouts of all the replaced heroes will be revealed by Brian Michael Bendis in Secret Invasion. McCann said, "Who says they are all alive?"

* Any plans for The Hood? Quesada said there probably will not be an ongoing with The Hood -- as McCann flashed an image -- but Bendis said that he wants to make The Hood a villain on the par with Marvel's biggest. "Unless he turns out to be a Skrull or dead, you should see a lot from The Hood," Quesada said.

* McCann said there will be an ongoing Spider-Woman series, but it remains unclear who is in the costume.

* Quesada said Marvel uses its big summits for biggerstrokes for the Marvel Universe. "We like to be locked and loaded for 12 months," he said.

* A fan complained about the Brand New Day Spider-Man, with the crowd agreeing. Quesada then again the reationale behind the changes, and saying that holes in continuity will be explained in the next 12-14 months.

* Asked if creators new certain characters were Skrulls, Gage said that Dan Slott knew about Yellowjacket at the beginning of Avengers: The Initiative.

* An audience member requested thta not all the Skrulls be killed. "We do have some cool Skrull characters," Quesada said, "duly noting" the request.

Yost said that a Skrull is on the cover to Runaways #1, but then Lowe said that wasn't the final cover.

* Quesada said old villains will be reintroduced in "full force" in Amazing Spider-Man, and the issue of Harry will be addressed. "You'll know how Harry came back in the first place, and it's all very cool," he said.

* Lowe said War of Kings will be a winter/spring event. McCann said it involves a lot of Secret Invasion and Annihilation fall-out.

* Lowe said Longshot will be in X-Factor and Dazzler will be a big part of Uncanny X-Men. "You'll see her in #502 and she'll be popping up a lot," he said.

* Reed said the Infinity Gems are one of his favorite parts of Marvel lore and he's been prodding editor Tom Brevoort about the subject. "There hasn't been time yet," he said.

* Young Avengers appearing post-Secret Invasion? "Yes," Quesada said.

* Checking via phone, Bendis said New Avengers #45 will deal with the Skrull from House of M, Bendis said.

He also promised "a super, super ending" to Secret Invasion.

* Way said couldn't answer when Cable and Deadpool will reunite.

* Quesada credited planning ahead and Marvel's talent recruitment as keys to Marvel's success. David said that during his 20-year writing career, he has never been happier.

* Are there any plans for Henry Pym? "I think you'll be seeing plans for Hank down the road. He's great character because of the complexities," Quesada said.

Gage said there are plans for him in Avengers: The Inititative.

* Way couldn't reveal much about the direction of Deadpool. He did say after the first three issues, he does something that puts him on a lot of people's radar.

* The new Scorpion will appear in Incredible Hercules, Van Lente said.

* David said he's in no rush to reveal Layla Miller's origin and she will be returning to X-Factor.

* McCann said Doctor Strange is a broken man after World War Hulk. "When we see him, you will know it," he said.

* Quesada said Marvel has plans for Scarlet Witch.

* Asked about slipping sales figures for Amazing Spider-Man, McCann claimed that the average sales for Spider-Man titles were not down and that he is encouraged by orders. Quesada said that fans will get used to the new status quo.

* Is Captain America really dead? "Yeah, he's pretty dead," Quesada said.

* Asked about Spider-Man again, Quesada said that Spider-Man's history has not been wiped out.

* Punisher ties into Secret Invasion beginning in October, McCann said.

* Asked about big events, Quesada said there will be a little break. "We have to tell a few stories and let a few pieces fall into place after Secret Invasion, to go where we want to go," he said.

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