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SAN DIEGO -- Marvel Comics staged its Ultimate Universe panel at Comic-Con International on Saturday night.

Following are live highlights from the panel:

* Panelists included Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb, Joe Pokaski, Aron Coleite, publisher Dan Buckley and marketing's Jim McCann.

* Ultimate Hulk Annual will be written by Loeb. It shows Princess Power (Zarda) from Ultimate Power.

* The Ultimate Captain America Annual will deal with the Ultimate Black Panther, Loeb said.

* Loeb said Ultimatum will start in November and David Finch is drawing all five issues. Interior pages were shown.

* Mark Millar will return to the Ultimate Universe in an unannounced capacity. Loeb said it was important for one of the original architects of the Ultimate Universe to be involved in the future.

* Pokaski will be writing the last few issues of Ultimate Fantastic Four and, in addition to writing Ultimate X-Men, Coleite will be helping Loeb push the Ultimatum story.

* Loeb said he wants Ultimatum to bring back the unexpectd to the Ultimate Universe.

* Frank Cho is excluvsive to Marvel and was brought up to the panel. Cho will join Loeb on the post-Ultimatum version of Ultimates. Loeb said he was thinking about calling it the New Ultimates or Mighty Ultimates.

* Loeb said there is talk about doing something with an Ultimate Ghost Rider.

* The Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk question was asked, with writer Damon Lindelof climbed on stage. He thanked fans for their patience, and he delivered the script for #6 and said Leinil Yu will resume work on the series after he finishes Secret Invasion.

Quesada said that the script he was handed, said "Issue #6, the issue that two bleeping years to write."

* Loeb said the artists for Ultimate Hulk Annual are Ed McGuinness and Marko Djurdjevic.

Complimented on Batman: The Long Halloween, Loeb responded, "I hope you enjoyed The Dark Knight, which is the Long Halloween movie."

* Loeb said there are big plans for Carol Danvers.

* Quesada said the huge upheaval in the Ultimate Universe was something that couldn't be done in the Marvel Universe. A character will die surprisingly, Quesada confirmed with Loeb.

* Is Bryan Singer's previously announced Ultimate X-Men series gone? "Did you see Superman Returns?" Loeb said.

Buckley said Marvel would be happy to accept scripts from Singer, but there's nothing in the works.

* Loeb said Ultimatum will have nothing to do with the Marvel Universe. He also noted he has pitched a fight between the two universes, and is always shot down by Quesada and Buckley.

* Coleite said he is writing Ultimate X-Men with #100.

* McCann said the Ultimate Spider-Man Annual will be controversial.

* Asked about Ultimate Banshee, Coleite said to check out Ultimate X-Men #97.

* Buckley said that Ultimatum resulted from a summit of what didn't work in the Ultimate Universe and what the creators want to do fix things.

* Ultimate She-Hulk? "There's something you're going to see very soon that will make you happy," Loeb said.

* Buckley said if Marvel Apes is successful, there will be a Marvel Zombies vs. Marvel Apes.

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