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By James Pruet and Mike Perkins.

The corpse of a recently murdered woman. The Death Cult of Kali. The reincarnation of a dark goddess of death. An unwilling host must struggle internally between an ancient evil and her own conscience. What happens when you give in to the dark nature of your own soul? Will Lonnie fulfill her prophecy as the Destructor or can her adopted daughter reach through the mesmerizing influence of the Mist and rescue her last remnants of humanity? Will she become mankind's guardian or will she follow the path of Kali and become its devourer?

104 pages, $15.99.


By Gary Reed and Sami Makkonen.

Welcome to the Deadworld! Many humans find themselves trapped in a world of the walking dead and the living who will do anything to survive. The promise of Safe Haven reveals a much darker and sinister purposed, when victims find themselves in a medical facility which will stop at nothing to combat the zombie plague. To the unfortunate, Safe Haven becomes known as the Slaughterhouse!

32 pages, 3.99.


By Stephen Nilson, Karl Walker and Rick Bonilla.

Sky Sentinel's arc cannon is severely damaged and on the verge melting down. The crew is stranded off the coast of South America, but there isn't time to stop for repairs. The team must respond to a distress call from none other than Defender-X. Gorghadra is back in Chicago and he is proving to be more than even defender-X can handle. Sky Semtinel's crew must risk every thing in order to destroy Gorghadra! Monsterpocalypse is based on the action-packed, collectible miniatures game from Privateer Press.

32 pages, $3.99.

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