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By various.

Everyone's heard the hit song "Sugar Sugar" and children of the 1970s remember The Archies band from Saturday morning cartoons, but did you know the band actually started in comic books? Inspired by the runaway success of guitar-and-vocal groups like the Beatles, Byrds and Beach Boys, The Archies made their debut in a 1967 issue of "Life with Archie." But that was only the beginning. Looking for a group to follow-up his mega-successful singing group and TV comedy sensations The Monkees, music producer Don Kirschner found the answer when he spotted The Archies in his child's comic book. It wasn't long before a group of studio musicians became The Archies "for real," and began recording music that would become bubblegum pop standards. Simultaneously, the first series of Saturday morning Archie cartoons was developed and it was decided to have The Archies band in the animation as well. The Archie Show premiered on the CBS network on September 14, 1968. An Archies album followed shortly thereafter and the hit single, "Sugar Sugar," became the top-selling single of 1969. The rest, as they say, is musical history! Now fans can relive that history with some of The Archies' most tuneful tales. Features painstaking restoration from original publishing elements, and a special foreword by Ron Dante, the famed singing voice of Archie and a successful singer-songwriter, musician and producer of such multi-platinum acts as Barry Manilow, Cher and Pat Benatar.

96 pages, $9.95, in stores on Dec. 10.


Written by George Gladir and Craig Boldman, art by Stan Goldberg.

"The Demo": A salesmen tries to sell Archie and Jughead an interactive sports video game, but the teens consider acting out the action with the wireless device as just "going through the motions" compared to their real life memories. "Snow Woe": Will Archie and Chuck's entries in the winter photo contest wow the judges or be met with a "chilly" reception? "Trouble by the Foot": Klutzy Archie's clodhoppers have trampled everything in Lodge Mansion... including Mr. Lodge's feet! "A Touchy Subject": The gang contemplates what life would be like if everything could be accessed via touch screen.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Dec. 24.


Written by Alex Simmons, art by Fernando Ruiz.

"The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton, Part One: Gnomes & Stick Figure Funnies": Chuck Clayton takes center stage in this special storyline. Chuck is asked to teach an after-school program in cartooning to elementary school kids... and it isn't long before he learns the kids can be more hyperactive than his doodles! Can Chuck ultimately connect with the kids and help them create the next comic book classics? Will his temporary teaching gig lead to bigger and better things, or is his tenure soon to be terminated? The answer's just a splash panel away! This new multi-part epic comes courtesy of someone who knows his way around both creating and teaching comics, writer, children's art advocate, and organizer of the world's only "Kids' Comics" convention, Alex Simmons.

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Dec. 10.


Written by Hal Lifson, Kathleen Webb and various, art by Rex Lindsey, Pat Kennedy and various, cover by Lindsey.

"The Archies in Beverly Hills": When pop star Jessica Simmers asks The Archies to play her high school reunion, the teens are headed for the California sun! While there, they partake of the many Hollywood sights and meet other celebrities, too! This star-studded story comes courtesy of famed "pop archaeologist" and celebrity news columnist Hal Lifson. "Any Port in a Storm": It's a cold winter night, and Archie must choose between the chewy, warm cookies at Betty's house, or the toasty, warm fireplace at Veronica's mansion! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

88 pages, $2.49, in stores on Dec. 24.


Written by Mike Pellowski, Craig Boldman and Kathleen Webb, art by Jeff Shultz.

"Good Bye Paparazzi!": The paparazzi follow Veronica home to Riverdale from a movie premiere, and it isn't long before most of her friends are vogue-ing for the cameras, too! "Scrap Flap": Veronica has no interest whatsoever in Betty's new scrapbook hobby... until she meets the hunky scrapbook expert at the craft shop! "Dancing Fool": Inspired by a classic beach party movie, Veronica comes up with her own dance step guaranteed to make you flip... literally!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Dec. 17.


Written by Misako Rocks!, Mike Pellowski and various, art by Jeff Shultz, Tim Kennedy and various.

"Coming to the U.S.A.": This poignant tale details Kumi and her family's arrival in the United States and their introduction to American life and culture. Not to mention Kumi's first day at Riverdale High and how she met Archie and his friends. It's a very special day for Archie Comics' newest superstar! "Bedtime Story": A boy's camping trip leaves the girls without plans for the weekend... until they decide to have a slumber party! Of course, true to form, the party will involve every activity but "slumbering!" Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

88 pages, $2.49, in stores on Dec. 17.


Written by Dan Parent, Mike Pellowski, George Gladir and various, art by Parent, Tim Kennedy, Fernando Ruiz and various.

"Get Out of Town": You can take Cheryl out of Riverdale, but you can't take Riverdale out of Cheryl... especially when Archie visits Pembroke to remind her! "Lucky Charmed Life": When Betty removes her "lucky" leprechaun figure from its safe hiding place, will it bring good fortune or misfortune? "The Staff": Veronica has a new chauffeur, and it isn't long before her friends "drive" him crazy! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

176 pages, $3.69, in stores on Jan. 7.


Written by George Gladir, Bill Golliher and various, art by Jeff Shultz, Stan Goldberg, Randy Elliott and various.

"Worry Flurry": Mrs. Jones worries that her husband and Jughead aren't getting enough physical activity... and then worries some more over all the injuries and trouble such activity could cause! "Dishing It Out": A competition between school cafeteria managers allows Jughead to see Miss Beazly in action. Can her rival take the heat, or will she get out of the kitchen? "The Recycling Game": The gang figures out the perfect way to battle the recession and help the environment at the same time: recycle their cans and bottles for cash! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

176 pages, $3.69, in stores on Dec. 17.


Written by Melanie J. Morgan and various, art by Tod Smith, Al Milgrom and various.

The third part of a new four-part story in the "realistic style" -- and this time, Moose and Midge's romance hangs in the balance! "Breakup Blues, Part 3": The unbelievable has happened: Midge and Moose have broken up! Now Midge is seeing Reggie while Moose is dating Judy Johnson. Needless to say, the status quo of Riverdale High's circle of friends has been shaken, but the former couple's friends aren't giving up hope. In this latest installment, Betty and Archie have a plan to get Midge and Moose talking again. Will it bring the former lovebirds back together or drive a further wedge between them? They say the road to regret is paved with good intentions... are Betty and Archie just what the doctor ordered or have they gone too far? Now the stakes are higher, as not just romantic relationships but lifelong friendships hang in the balance! It's romantic intrigue served up in the "realistic" art style that made both Betty and Veronica's "Bad Boy Trouble" and Jughead's "Matchmakers" some of the most-talked about Archie stories in recent years! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

176 pages, $3.69, in stores on Dec. 10.


Written by Tania del Rio, pencils by Lindsey Cibos, inks by Jim Amash.

"The Final Battle, Part 2 of 3": The countdown to issue #100 continues! With the aid of their new allies, the Four Blades, Sabrina and her friends set out to battle the villainous Vosblanc. They journey to the main plaza of the Magic Realm only to find that the source of all magic, the Mana Tree, is dying. Not very good timing as the first wave of Vosblanc's followers attack! And just as he did before, Vosblanc tries to turn the entire Magic Realm against Sabrina and her friends. Their only hope is to convince everyone of the withered Mana Leaf's existence, but Vosblanc has other plans. With the situation more desperate than ever, it's up to Sabrina, now one of the most powerful magic users in the realm, to do the unimaginable to save it. Can she save the day or will life as she knows it be changed forever?

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Jan. 7.


Written by Ian Flynn, pencils by David Hutchison, inks by Terry Austin, cover by Patrick Spaziante.

"The End": A peaceful gathering of Sonic and his friends remains anything but when Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic crash the party ­ literally! Even Dr. Eggman is reeling in horror over the souped-up Metal Sonic, but that doesn't stop him from forming an alliance to attack the blue blur. Meanwhile, Shadow remains inextricably linked to Metal, the only one who can help him find his correct place in the universe. It's a mélange of friends, foes and overlapping alliances... and Sonic and his friends are caught in the middle! This issue's title is only the beginning, as it leads into a brand-new series called Sonic Universe that promises to chronicle the outcome of the Shadow and Metal Sonic conflict, as well as the further adventures of the entire Sonic-verse!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Dec. 24.


Written by Ian Flynn, pencils by Tracy Yardley, inks by Jim Amash, cover by Yardley and Jason Jensen.

"Hedgehog Havoc, Part One": It's the story fans have wished for for years: all your favorite hedgehogs together in one pulse-pounding epic that spans New Mobotropolis, Moebius, New Megaopolis and more! Thrill to the excitement as Shadow, Amy Rose, Rob O' the Hedge, King Scourge, Metal Sonic, and of course, Sonic the Hedgehog collide in this explosive tale that finds Scourge accelerating his assault against the Freedom Fighters and his hated enemy, Sonic. The outcome could result in long-lasting ramifications that could change everything forever!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Dec. 10.


Written by Fernando Ruiz and Mike Pellowski, art by Ruiz and Tim Kennedy.

"Not Home Alone": Mr. Andrews can't wait to start working from home... but his work won't start until his distractions stop! "Money Matters": Archie, Reggie and Moose fantasize what it would be like to be rich... but after observing Mr. Lodge they soon learn that the reality (namely, hard work) outweighs the fantasy!

88 pages, $2.49, in stores on Dec. 10.


Written by Dan Parent and George Gladir, art by Parent.

"Kiss & Tell": Veronica's Aunt Lily gives her a necklace she claims is charmed... and it isn't long before Veronica is experiencing clairvoyant images while wearing it! Is the necklace merely magical, or is the magic all in Veronica's head? "Career Sphere": Career Day at the school leads Veronica to imagine what life in the workplace would be like... with her as the boss, of course!

32 pages, $2.25, in stores on Jan. 7.

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