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By J.T. Krul, Ale Garza and Sal Regla.

In his remote, mountainous base, Chris Calloway learns the hard way about the resilient nature of the Blue, as his war machines' plan of attack against them doesn't go exactly as planned. Aspen and Chance -- and their new captive prisoner -- have plans of their own as they attempt to free Aspen's brother Finn. Meanwhile, Siphon begins to ponder a course of action below the surface that could lead to disastrous results for the citizens of Muria. And if that's not enough, the Black reveal the massive scope of their attack -- one which all of mankind might not survive! The deadly tides of change rise above the surface as the exciting third volume of the best selling action adventure series, Fathom continues! Fathom #4 will ship with four different covers by series artist Ale Garza shipping in an equal ratio, with all four covers forming one large image.

32 pages, $2.99.


By Ale Garza and Peter Steigerwald.

This incredible image encompassing the entire Fathom universe cast is now available as a full-size 24" x 36" poster! Featured as the covers to this month's Fathom #4 issue and drawn to perfection by series artist Ale Garza, along with colors by Aspen's own Peter Stiegerwald, this is one of the absolute must have posters of 2008!

24 inches by 36 inches, $7.99.


By Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald.

This fan- favorite rendition of Soulfire's Grace is now available as a full size 24" x 36" poster! Illustrated to breathtaking perfection by Soulfire creator Michael Turner and colorist Peter Steigerwald, this poster is the perfect addition for any Soulfire fan!

24 inches by 36 inches, $7.99


By Vince Hernandez and Sana Takeda, covers by Takeda and Billy Tan.

Discover the early years of Soulfire's heroine Grace in this all-new mini-series! The seeds of conflict have grown into a deadly battle for territory as the winged races of Rahtumi and Sethoru enter into an all-out war -- the largest ever between the two rival bloodlines. Amidst the chaos, two Rahtumi lovers, Grace and Kelsyn, share their own pending engagement, that of marriage. But the reaches of war soon envelops them both, and their life together will be forever compromised! While high in the snowy mountain passes of the Sethoren realm of Ontiria, the dark wizard Azar, using his own horrid creation of a powerful new form of magic, plans to overshadow both kingdoms of Rahtumi and Sethoru in death and despair.

32 pages, $2.99.

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