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The Blu-ray, single- and 3-disc DVDs all feature the following bonus content:

* Feature Commentary with Director Guillermo del Toro

* Feature Commentary with Cast Members Jeffrey Tambor, Selma Blair and Luke Goss

* Set Visits: Seven mini documentaries provide viewers with unlimited access to the Hellboy II: The Golden Army set.

* Troll Market Tour with Guillermo del Toro: Using sketches and backstage video, del Toro walks the audience through the creation of one of the filmıs most distinctive sets, the legendary Troll Market.

* Animated Zinco Epilogue Comic

* Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary by Director Guillermo del Toro

In addition, the Blu-ray and 3-disc special edition DVD also include the following in-depth features:

* Prologue: A special introduction to the DVD from director Guillermo del Toro.

* Pre-Production Vault:

-- Directorıs Notebook: Exclusive interviews, image scans and text from Guillermo del Toroıs personal notebook.

-- Concept Art Gallery: Original designs and concepts for Hellboy II: The Golden Armyıs costumes and sets.

* Hellboy: In Service Of The Demon: Over two hours of footage that takes fans into the creation of this film.

* Production Workshop: Professor Broomıs Puppet Theatre: A special look inside the opening sequence of the film including storyboards and animatics.

* Image Gallery Featuring Teaser Banners, One-Sheets and Poster Explorations

* DVD Rom: Hellboy II: The Golden Army Script

Exclusive Blu-ray Hi-Def Bonus features:

* BD-Live:

* My Chat: Using your internet-connected player, host a text chat with your friends who also own Hellboy II: The Golden Army on Blu-ray Hi-Def while you watch the movie in synchronization!

* Sneak Peek of Wanted: Watch never-before seen footage from the explosive action movie Wanted, starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy.

* My Scenes Sharing: Show your friends your favorite scenes from Hellboy II: The Golden Army via BD-Live.

* Comic Book Builder: Create an original downloadable Hellboy adventure by selecting still images from the movie, dropping them into comic book layouts and adding text. The result can be e-mailed to friends or published via BD-Live buddy lists.

* U-Control: Universalıs exclusive signature feature U-Control allows viewers to delve into the making of the film with the click of the remote without ever leaving the movie.

* Scene Explorer: Schufften Goggle View: View scenes from the film as it progresses from storyboards and early renderings of the visual effects to the final film.

* Directorıs Notebook: Fans will get an interactive glimpse at the directorıs personal journal and view how early thematic concepts evolved into the final film. Includes an introduction by Guillermo Del Toro.

* Set Visits: Interactive vignettes provide information about key moments in the film.

* Comic Book Back-Story Interactive Feature: Clickable motion pages provide backstories of the filmıs characters.

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