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Written by Michael Turner and J.T. Krul, pencils by Turner and Joe Benitez, colors by Peter Steigerwald.

Michael Turner's Soulfire returns for the long-awaited conclusion to its first epic story arc!

Featuring a special opening recap of the Soulfire series for old and new readers alike, issue #8 lays the groundwork for the upcoming volume 1 conclusion! Barely escaping Japan with their lives, Grace, Mal and the gang venture further along their journey towards the Everlands. But, other more deadly obstacles, even more dangerous than the relentlessly pursuing dragon, lie in their way. How much more can Malikai take in order to learn the true secret behind his destiny... if he can even manage to survive that long? As the pace quickens and more revelations quickly begin to surface, now is the perfect time to find out why Soulfire has been one of the most talked about titles in years!

Aspen welcomes artist Joe Benitez to the Soulfire universe. Benitez will be completing out Turner's Soulfire Volume 1 story arc. This issue is about equally split between Turner's last fully drawn Soulfire pages and Benitez taking over the art chores from that point on.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on March 18.


Written by Vince Herandez, art by Sana Takeda.

Discover the early years of Soulfire's heroine Grace as the all-new Soulfire: Shadow Magic mini-series nears its conclusion!

As the death toll rises in the Sethoru kingdom of Ontiria at the hands of the Rahtumi army, Grace and Kelysn find themselves banished from the fight by General Praedus, and worse yet -- lost. The Sethoru tree village of Karthia burns under the might of Treybough and the Rahtumi onslaught, and it's inhabitants face something far worse than death. Meanwhile, the dragon Mooncrest discovers paradise and captivity aren't enough without the presence of his master, Grace. And the kingdom of Empyrea finds it is not immune to the throngs of war as the shadow of death arrives at the very walls of its city!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on March 11.


Written by David Wohl, art by Eduardo Francisco, colors by John Starr, cover by Joe Benitez.

Secretary. Bodyguard. Assassin. The Executive Assistant is all of the above rolled into one. She's meticulous, ruthlessly efficient and completely loyal to her employer. But...

In the high-stakes web of corporate wealth and power, one young woman, Iris, must decide between her duty -- and her conscience. When Iris' employer, Mr. Ching, decides to settle a dispute between himself and a deceitful Russian businessman--out of the pleasantries of the conference room, she is given the order to 'force' a compromise. However, when the deadly realities of her obligations remind her of the tragic horrors of her past, Iris begins to question everything around her!

From the creative minds of Wohl and Michael Turner, this 16-page story sets the stage for the brand-new Executive Assistant: Iris #1 issue coming this June. Showcasing additional character design sketches and never-before-seen art.

24 pages, $2.50, in stores on March 4.

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