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Written by Neal Marshall Stevens, art and cover by Rafael Ortiz.

In the near future, armed with prototype Havoc-class battlesuits made of an indestructible material, the Havoc Brigade brought peace to a war-ravaged Europe ending a decades-long conflict. They were heroes until the Army's new ultimate weapon is stolen by a officer with a death wish. Now it's up to the only surviving member of the Havoc Brigade to bring the renegade Major to justice. But with the world's most advanced piece of military technology in the hands of a terrorist, Sergeant Barnes must overcome more than just his survivor's guilt, he has to go toe-to-toe with his former commander and mentor before it's too late.

36 pages, $3.99.


Written by Denis Faye,

Father Gabriel Amorth was a rock star among exorcists until a freak mishap forced him to bind an entire demonic legion to his own soul. Now, he searches the earth for a way to safely dispose of the evil inside him, occasionally harnessing its unspeakable power for the benefit of those in need. But these supernatural abilities come at a cost; Every time he uses them, he gets one step closer to Hell.

24 pages, $2.99.


Written by Chad Jones, art and cover by RB Silva.

On a distant planet, a team of specialists investigate the mysterious remains of an alien civilization brought to the brink of extinction. Dead alien bodies litter the streets of a massive city of an once majestic, extraterrestrial culture still strange and foreign to them. As the team unravels the enigma surrounding this cataclysmic event, they discover the planet's horrible secret.

36 pages, $3.99.


Written by Martin Renard, art and cover by Nahuel Sagarnaga Cozman.

Fifteen years ago, a phenomenon called "The Spark" created four superhumans who sacrificed themselves to stop an world-wide cataclysm. Now, The Spark has happened again, creating a new generation of heroes. As three heroes emerge to accept their responsibility of as protectors of humanity, everyone wonders, where's the fourth? Lucas would save the world, but he has other problems -- school, his supermarket job to help his mom with the bills and a little sister who's more than a handful. But when an alien horde arrives to enslave the planet, does Lucas leave his family to save the earth? What's a hero to do?

84 pages, $13.99.

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