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Written by Neal Marshall Stevens, art by Jon Bosco.

A renegade Major has turned the world's most advanced piece of military hardware -- an experimental Havoc-class battlesuit -- into an instrument of terror. The world watches as the unstoppable solider rampages through London causing untold destruction. When the Major turns his sights to New York, the military turns to the only surviving member of the Havoc Brigade to stop the carnage at all costs.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Neal Marshall Stevens, art by Rafael Oritz.

Deep in America's heartland, evil is lurking and waiting. Demons prey on gullible and unsuspecting teenagers whose fears and insecurities draw these soul suckers to them like moths to a flame. When a paranormal infestation leads to a suicide epidemic in a small town, the Demon Squad is sent in to wipe out the supernatural plague -- although they may bust a few heads along the way. Led by the gruff, take-no-prisoners Dr. Facchio, the Demon Squad is a rag tag team of scientists, mercenaries and mystics who are the frontline between us and the bloodsucking demons of the night.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Robert Heske, art by Diego Yapura.

As the vampire coven descends upon the hapless victims trapped inside the movie theater, the mystery of who Dragos is and why he's facing off against his former brethren unravels. Is he there to save the people of Crosstown Falls or to save his own neck? What part did he play in the destruction of his village centuries ago -- and is history repeating itself?

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Ben Fisher, art by Mike Henderson.

Set in a nightmarish vision of the past where deadly monstrosities roam the shadows of Prohibition-Era America, Al Stone is a bootlegger who finds himself on the run when he inadvertently stumbles upon the bloody secret of the creatures' survival. As the beasts close in to take back what's theirs, Al and his young ward, Nathan, make their final stand in this blend of horror, drama, action and suspense.


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