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Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that Mickey Rourke is in talks to play a villain in Iron Man 2.

Variety speculates that the villain will be the Russian equivalent to Tony Stark and be the Crimson Dynamo. The Hollywood Reporter indicates the villain will be named Ivan and will be Whiplash.

THR also reports that Sam Rockwell is in talks to play Justin Hammer.

Marvel Studios has not commented on either actor.

Rourke is nominated for best actor for the Golden Globes for his role in The Wrestler.

It would be Rourke's second comic-book movie. He starred as Marv in Sin City.

Iron Man 2 is expected to go before the cameras this spring. Jon Favreau is returning as director, with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Don Cheadle as James Rhodes.

Marvel Studios has scheduled the film for a May 7, 2010 release.

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Dark Horse Comics has released its solicitations for April.

For a rundown, with images, CLICK HERE.

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The Continuum continues its series of stories on the Wonder Woman animated movie with a studio-provided question-and-answer with Virginia Madsen, who provides the voice of Queen Hippolyta.

To read the interview, CLICK HERE.

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Cartoon Network has released a description, 13 images and two preview clips from "Enter the Outsiders!," Friday's new episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"Batman and his mentor Wildcat face off against a group of teens--the Outsiders--whose violent pranks turn to criminal activity under the control of the evil Slug. Batman and B'Wana Beast team up to take down Black Manta in teaser."

Voices for the episode include R. Lee Ermey as Wildcat, Andy Miller as B'wana Beast, Vyvan Pham as Kitana, Bumper Robinson as Black Lightning, Alex Polinsky as Slug and Scott Menville as Metamorpho.

Menville was the voice of Robin in Teen Titans. Robinson played Mondo in Fox's Generation X television movie and was the voice of Hotstreak in Teen Titans.

The episode was written by Todd Casey and directed by Michael Chang.

For the first clip, CLICK HERE.

For the second clip, CLICK HERE.

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Disney XD -- formerly Toon Disney -- has announced a Feb. 13 launch and officially confirmed that The Spectacular Spider-Man will be part of its lineup.

No official date for the debut of the second season of The Spectacular Spider-Man was announced. The series' first season is currently airing on The CW 4Kids.

The Spectacular Spider-Man joins Spider-Man, Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Anmated Series, Spider-Man and Iron Man on the Disney XD schedule.

Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Avengers and Spider-Man Unlimited are currently airing on Toon Disney, but were not listed on the Disney XD line-up.

Look for more Spider-Man news soon here in The Continuum.

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According to The Los Angeles Times, lawyers for 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. have agreed to let a federal judge decide whether Warner Bros. will be allowed to release Watchmen as scheduled on March 6.

U.S. District Judge Gary A. Feess will decide on Jan. 20 whether Fox can block Watchmen's theatrical distribution as part of Fox's copyright infringement.

On Dec. 24, Feess ruled that Fox has the distributions rights to the movie, not Warner Bros., and urged the studios to reach an agreement.

The ruling will not only impact the film's release, but also potentially programming for the New York Comic Con and WonderCon, as well as licensed materials based on the movie.

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For covers and three- to five-page previews of Archie Comics titles arriving in stores on Jan. 14, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Sonic the Hedgehog #196, Archie & Friends #127 and Archie's Double Digest #195.



Aspen Comics has announced that it will release the delayed Shrugged #8 with a bonus eight pages. The finale of the first arc of the series -- in stores on Wednesday -- will be 48 pages, but will still cost $2.99.

Shrugged -- created and written by Michael Turner and Frank Mastromauro, with art by Micah Gunnell, Jason Gorder and Beth Sotelo -- tells the tale of a young boy named Theo, and the two opposing forces that sway his every decision -- and the outrageous trouble that arise from their choices.

"Finally. Over a very grueling year in the making, I'm just happy to see Shrugged #8 hitting the stands this week," said Mastromauro, Aspen's president . "Shrugged was easily one of the most fun and most difficult experiences of my life. When the property first premiered, it was a pretty smooth road collaborating on it with Mike. We would plot out the issues together and I would then write out the script. Mike would go over it, we would make changes as needed, print and repeat. However, the book always seemed to take the biggest hit whenever Mike would become ill throughout these past few years.

"We had actually started to work on this finale issue back at the end of 2007. Most of it was plotted out and Micah had started to work on pages. Unfortunately, when 2008 rolled around, that's when the worst of Mike's illness hit. It was one of the most difficult situations for him to try and be creative on the story when he was in so much pain. We wanted to get the book done, but at the same time, Mike needed a lot of rest. Delaying Shrugged further was just unavoidable.

"Twenty-two pages of Shrugged #8 were completed up to the time of Mike's passing in June. At that point, it fell to me to finish out the issue alone. However, it took me quite a long time to adjust my life without having Mike here anymore. And working on the book we created together was just the toughest thing to do. After eventually getting myself back on track and writing the rest of the book, the art team finished everything up as quickly as they could and now, here we are."

The collection of the first arc, Shrugged: A Little Perspective Volume One, will arrive in stores on Jan. 28. The 280-page book will include the sold-out Shrugged Beginnings and Shrugged Preview, along with the hard-to-find Shrugged #0 issue and a covers gallery featuring artwork by Gunnell and Turner.

Mastomauro said Shrugged has been one of Aspen's well-received titles.

"We definitely have some big plans in store for the future of Shrugged, both inside and outside of comics," he said. "The best is without a doubt yet to come!"

For an 10-page preview of Shrugged #8, CLICK HERE.



For previously posted March solicitations, click on the publishers' names below:

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* UDON Entertainment.

* Zenescope Entertainment.


* Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Iron Man and The Dark Knight are among seven films competing for the Academy Award for visual effects.

The other nominees are Australia, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

The field will be cut to three films for the Feb. 22 awards ceremony.

* The WGA has nominated The Dark Knight in the Adapted Screenplay category of its annual awards, to be presented on Feb. 7.



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