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It's a big week in the world of Batman for Matt Wayne.

The first isue of DC Comics' Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic, which Wayne writes, hit stands on Wednesday. The first episode of the animated series written by Wayne, "Journey to the Center of the Bat!," debuts on Cartoon Network on Friday night.

The Continuum caught up with Wayne to talk about the episode and the comic.

The Continuum: Before you talk about the meat of the episode, what can you say about the Elongated Man/Plastic Man team-up? That had to be fun...

Wayne: It was a lot of fun! The two heroes are rivals. Each thinks he's a better partner for Batman: Plas because his powers are more versatile, and Elongated Man because he's a trained detective. They're great foils for each other. And Tom Kenny as Plastic Man is inspired. A lot of actors ad-lib, but few are as fast or as funny as Tom.

The Continuum: The main story has Aquaman and Atom teaming to go inside Batman's body after he's been poisoned by Chemo. Can you talk about the characters -- it's the newest Atom, right? -- and how they mix?

Wayne: Our Dr. Choi is a bit more established and a lot more strait-laced than the one in the comics, to play off our Aquaman's boisterousness. In a show like this, that whole unity-of-opposites thing becomes key.

The Continuum: Have you written more episodes for the series?

Wayne: Yes. The next one I wrote airs later this year, I think. It's the first time I got to make up the villain for a DC animated show, because we couldn't use the guy we wanted. That happens from time to time, hence Devil Ray in JLU.

The Continuum: You're writing the comic based on the show, the first issue of which came out this week. Is the approach pretty much the same as the TV show? Are you allowed to use different characters?

Wayne: We're using lots of the show's characters, like Green Arrow and Blue Beetle, but also throwing in new versions of DCU characters who haven't appeared in the show, from Wonder Woman to Rip Hunter. We're beginning each issue with a two-page "teaser" that shows Batman wrapping up an adventure, roughly like the show. But even more it's a treat for me, an excuse to write a scene with Sugar and Spike. I have to mention the artist, Andy Suriano, who's drawing most of my issues. He's an outstanding designer who lays out the pages with energy and clarity, which you don't always get in kids comics. His other comics gig is Charlatan Ball, which is just gorgeous.

The Continuum: What else do you have coming up?

Wayne: I'm working on a show that will be announced in a few weeks -- a super hero show, as opposed to a superhero show. Meaning, not a DC property. That, and I'm writing a single issue featuring a Milestone character for DC. It's been strange and fun, going back to characters I wrote 15 years ago. I'd say more, but all sorts of people would beat me up.

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