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NEW YORK -- Marvel Comics staged a panel at New York Comic Con on Friday devoted to the X-Men.

Following are highlights:

* Panelists include Chris Claremont, Nick Lowe, Axel Alonso, John Barber, Duane Swierczynski, Marjorie Liu, Mike Carey, Jason Aaron, Daniel Way, C.B. Cebulski and Jim McCann.

* The finale of the Mark Millar/Steve McNiven Wolverine story will be in its own special, Old Man Logan Giant-Sized.

* Wolverine #73 and #74 will be written by Jason Aaron and Daniel Way, art from Tommy Lee Edwards and Andy Kubert.

* Young X-Men ends with #12. In May, New Mutants reunites the original team, with Zeb Wells writing. Covers by Alex Ross and Adam Kubert were shown.

Magik will be in the book. According to Lowe, there is an adversary that wants the New Mutants together for a specific reason.

* X-Force: Sex & Violence is a three-issue limited series written by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, with painted art by Gabriele Dell'Otto. It features Domino -- who has crossed the League of Assassins -- and Wolverine.

* Dark Wolverine, the new name for Wolverine beginning with #75 in June, will be co-written by Marjorie Liu and Daniel Way, beginning in June. It will focus on Daken and tie into Dark Reign. Art is by Giuseppe Camonculi.

* Chris Claremont is writing X-Men Forever, which picks up after X-Men #1-3, the story that ended his initial run. It continue the story as if Claremont hadn't stopped and featured new characters.

Tom Grummett is the artist of the bi-weekly series.

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