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NEW YORK -- Marvel Comics announced Ultimate Comics, its relaunch of the Ultimate Universe, at its Cup O' Joe panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday.

Following are highlights:

* The entire current line of Ultimate books will be canceled, sent off with a line of Requiem specials, before the relaunch.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man will be written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by David LaFuente, who drew the Patsy Walker: Hellcat mini-series.

"There will be a bit of a time-jump, and there will be a new cast of characters," Bendis said. "Maybe a new person in the costume. All the questions will be answered in #1."

* Bendis also noted that Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem will feature art by Mark Bagley and Stuart Immonen.

* Marvel exclusive Carlos Pacheco will team with Mark Millar on Ultimate Comics Avengers.

* Bendis and Mark Gaydos are working on an Alias mini-series. Jessica Jones will remain a supporting character in New Avengers.

* Joe Quesada said there will be four titles in the line and the relaunch was a chance to get "really crazy and funky."

* Utimate Wolverine vs. Hulk will introduce Ultimate She-Hulk.

* Marvel publisher Dan Buckley said a $3.99 price for 16 pages of story in Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes was "wrong." He said Marvel has been struggling with pricing for three or four years, doesn't have a straight-ahead formula and that it's a really complicated issue.

* Powers will relaunch with a new #1. Bendis said he and Michael Avon Oeming are stockpiling issues for a monthly release. Powers is in development as a television pilot at FX.

* Bendis said Echo will be featured in Spider-Woman.

* Stuart Immonen will be the new artist of New Avengers with #55.

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