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SAN FRANCISCO -- Greg Capullo's return to Spawn and a new ongoing series were among the announcements at Image Comics' panel at Wonder Con on Friday.

Panelists included Erik Larsen, Richard Starkings, Duncan Rouleau, John Layman and marketing's Joe Keatinge.

Following are highlights:

* The panel started with a recap of Image Comics' recent announcements, including a teaser from Haunt, the new Robert Kirkman/Todd McFarlane series, and a teaser from Invincible.

* Larsen said he is working on Image United #2 and just received pages from Rob Liefeld from #1 to insert images of Savage Dragon.

* Greg Capullo is returning to Spawn for a "one and done" story in Spawn #193.

* John Layman is doing a new Image book called Chew. "It's about a federal agent who is able to get psyhic impressions from things he eats," Layman said. The story takes place three years after a bird flu kills off million and the agent has to enforce a poutry prohibition while eating bodies in sewers.

Layman said the story will be ongoing with breaks between arcs. Rob Guillory is the artist. "He's fast. He's smart," he said.

I'm hoping to do for cannibalism what Walking Dead does for zombies," Layman said.

* Layman said his new book will be a "barbarian romance."

* Pages from Nic Klein's work on the new ongoing monthly Viking -- written by Ivan Brandon -- were shown. "I just read the first issue and I think it's the best debut," marketing Joe Keatinge said.

* Duncan Rouleau talked about his new series, The Great Unknown. "Our studio really wants to create independent books," Rouleau said of Man of Action. "This is the pattern we want to take for quite some time."

The five-issue mini-series is about a guy who realizes that everything he thinks of, someone else has thought of. He discovers that he has been robbed of his future.

* Rouleau said he has talked to some other artists about new projects.

* Richard Starkings said that Marian Churchland is drawing #18-20 of Elephantmen. "She's been described as sort of the female Paul Pope," he said, calling her "incredibly professional" and "incredibly prolific."

Cover artist Boo Cook is painting all of #21, according to Starkings. Moritat is returning for #22-23, followed by War Toys Vol. 2.

"One of things about working with different artists is they want to explore different avenues of the same world, which is very advantageous for a science-fiction series," Starkings said.

* The Golden Age Daredevil will be apearing Savage Dragon #148, the Free Comic Book Day title. Larsen said he could not use the character's name on the cover because of Marvel's Daredevil.

* Asked about his inspiration for the Barack Obama endorsement cover for Savage Dragon #137 last August, Larsen said, "We needed a better president." The variant cover with Obama fist-bumping Dragon for #145 was as a pay-off to the story coming full circle, Larsen said, and the Wonder Con exclusive Obama vs. Osama came from "one of those insane conversations where things kept getting weirder and bigger."

Larsen said he has had no reaction from the Obama camp.

* Larsen said he just read a treatment for a Savage Dragon movie on Friday morning and that he wants a solid script before it is being shopped.

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