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SAN FRANCISCO -- Judd Winick's return as writer of Batman highlighted the DC Universe panel on Saturday at Wonder Con.

Panelists were Ian Sattler, Ivan Brandon, Bob Wayne, Judd Winick, Joe Casey, Liz Gherlin and James Robinson.

Highlights included:

* The Superman: World of New Krypton trailer was repeated from Friday's DC Nation panel.

Robinson reiterated the set-up for the World of New Krypton title he is writing with Greg Rucka. "It is Superman among his people, dealing with Zod and Lara and what they may or may not be planning," Robinson said.

* Robinson said that Action Comics will have a "swashbuckling sense" with Nightwing and Flamebird, as written by Rucka.

* Robinson said Superman will feature Mon-El, Guardian, Steel, Black Lightning and Zatarra. Renato Guedes will remain artist.

Robinson said he will try to get Metropolis a personality as he did with Opal City in Starman.

* Supergirl will play a big part in the overall storyline, as writer Sterling Gates revisiting her original premise with using a secret identity.

* Robinson said Geoff Johns is presenting a "fresh look" at the origin of Superman in Secret Origins, which features art by Gary Frank.

* Sattler reiterated plans for the Batman titles, including the new Paul Dini-written books announced on Friday.

* Judd Winick was announced as the new writer of Batman, and aside from a satricial list of the top 10 things to expect from him, said he could not comment. An artist was not revealed.

* Ivan Brandon said that Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape is the "creepiest thing" he's written. He said it's not written in a linear fashion, and Marco Rudi provides a claustrophic tone with is art.

* Joe Casey talked abot Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance, featuring Japanšs Super Young Team. "You'll see them twittering, see them drinking and see the making out with other cos-players," he said. Art is by ChrisCross.

* Gherlin talked again about Keith Giffen's new Doom Patrol series, calling it "accessible" and "creepy cool." It launches in August.

* Opening up the floor to questions, Sattler said "possibly" when asked about Terry McGinnis appearing in comics.

* Is Doomsday dead? "Maybe" Robinson said.

* Asked about Starman, Robinson reiterated that the blue Starman will be appearing in his Justice League.

* Sattler said that Wally West will continue to play a role in the DC Universe after Flash: Rebirth.

* Robinson said he wanted to use the Jim Harper version of the Guardian rather than the Manhattan version of Guardian created by Grant Morrison because of his history with Metropolis. He said he has thought about having the two meet.

* Robinson said that Steel becomes the "anti-Luthor" of Metropolis. He is slowly forced to don the armor, and Robinson said he wants to make him unique in the scientific reaction.

* Sattler said all eight of the Batman titles are ongoing.

* Winick on the tone of Batman: "It's the solo book. It's Batman on his more. It's a little more introspective -- with all the fighting going on."

* Asked about Doom Patrol, Gherlin said The Chief will be part of the book.

* Sattler: "Dead characters equals Black Lanterns."

* Will there be an ongoing Legion of Super Heroes series in 2010? "There will be an ongoing Legion presence," Robinson said.

* Robinson said there are plans for Captain Atom to appear "in a couple of Superman books."

* Cassandra Cain will not be featured in the Batgirl title. Who will be Batgirl? "You should read Batgirl," Sattler replied.

* Asked about the reaction to Final Crisis, Sattler said he would rather see polarization than apathy.

* Characters to watch out for who will make an impact in the DC Universe? Sattler said -- with help from Robinson -- said Green Arrow, Zod, Human Flame and Prometheus.

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