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Megan Fox might have two comic-book films in her near future.

Sources have confirmed for The Continuum that Fox is in final talks for a role in Warner Bros.' Jonah Hex and has been part of the team developing a Fathom movie as a starring vehicle at Fox Atomic.

Fox, 23, and featured in both Transformers movies, would play Leila, a love interest, for Josh Brolin's Jonah Hex.

Gregory Noveck, senior vice-preisdent, creative affairs, at DC Comics, told The Continuum that pre-production of Jonah Hex is well underway. Shooting is expected to begin in April

"Jonah's a classic dark Western," Noveck said. "Josh Brolin's kind of perfect for it."

Jonah Hex will likely be shot in New Mexico and/or Louisiana. John Malkovich is playing the film's villain, and Jimmy Hayward is directing.

Fox would play the lead in Fathom, based on the Aspen Comics character created by Michael Turner. The propety has been in development for years in both animation and live-action forms, even gestating at James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment at one point. Getting a script faithful to the source material proved problematic, and, before his death last June, Turner insisted that he would not do a movie at all rather than do one poorly.

Fathom is now being written by Jordan Mechner, whom insiders say has a firm grasp of Fathom's characters and concepts.

Frank Mastromauro, who now runs Aspen with Peter Steigerwald, has been working with Fox and Fox Atomic and will executive produce Fathom. Turner will also be credited as an executive producer.

Fathom could conceivably go before cameras this year.

Look for Fox to promote her new film, the supernaturual thriller Jennifer's Body, and likely both Jonah Hex and Fathom at Comic-Con International in San Diego in July.

The Watchmen


Production has begun at Warner Bros. Animation on a second set of 26 episodes of Cartoon Network's Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

"So there will be 52 episodes -- at least," producer Michael Jelenic said last weekend at Wonder Con while promoting the Wonder Woman animated movie he wrote.

In other Batman: The Brave and the Bold news:

* For a clip from Friday's new episode, "Game Over for Owlman!," CLICK HERE.

* Credits for upcoming episodes include writer Jim Krieg and director Brandon Vietti for "Mystery in Space!" and writer Todd Casey and director Michael Chang for "Trials of the Demon!"

* Look for an upcoming episode in which Red Tornado creates a son.

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Dr. Manhattan has arrived in London.

To celebrate the UK release of Watchmen on Wednesday, an image of Dr. Manhattan rose above the Thames River to a height of more than 70 feet.

The event was created with the world's biggest water screen projector. The water screen, moored especially for this occasion in the middle of the Thames between the London Eye and The Shell Building, created vertical screen of water that will extend to 72 feet in height and 100 feet across. Specially created, never to be seen again Watchmen footage, was projected onto the screen to showcase Dr Manhattan's translucent and shimmering form.

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In other Watchmen news:

* For a roundtable interview with screenwriters David Hayter and Alex Tse, CLICK HERE.

* Fandango is reporting that as of Wednesday at noon (ET) 90 percent of if its ticket sales were for Watchmen.

* The Watchmen Singles Box Set will be released on March 24 from Warner Sunset / Reprise Records. The box set contains seven 7-inch vinyl picture discs, one for each Watchmen, plus the original Silk Spectre. The picture discs come inside a hardbound book packaged in a special slipcase. Each picture disc has an image and unique saying. The Watchmen Singles Box Set will include My Chemical Romance's cover of Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row," plus 13 hand-selected tracks from Tyler Bates' Original Motion Picture Score.

The Watchmen Singles Box Set will be available exclusively at

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SciFi Channel has released three images from "Islanded in a Stream of Stars," Friday's new episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"As Galactica continues to deteriorate, Adama resists the need to abandon the ship and Baltar emerges as an unlikely voice of hope."

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Fox has released descriptions of the next three new episodes of Family Guy.

Following is a rundown:

"Family Gay," Sunday, March 8

Description: "To help pay off his incredible debt, Peter participates in medical experiments to make some extra cash. First, he is injected with the ''Seth Rogen' gene (guest-voice Seth Rogen) that 'gives you the appearance of being funny even though you haven't actually done anything funny.' Then he is injected with a gene that leads him to a new mate, leaving a broken-hearted Lois behind. Although the family is crushed, they quickly realize the most important thing is that Peter is happy."

"The Juice is Loose," Sunday, March 15

Description: "Peter cashes in a raffle ticket from 1989 and wins a golf outing with O.J. Simpson. When Peter befriends the infamous former running back and brings him home to meet the family, the residents of Quahog aren't so welcoming to the new houseguest and tell him to take a hike."

"FOX-y Lady," Sunday, March 22

Description: "Lois lands a job as a news reporter where her first assignment is to shoot an investigative expose on a liberal filmmaker, but when her story implicates a conservative radio host she gets canned on."

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For covers and a five-page preview of Top Cow Productions' Witchblade #125, CLICK HERE.

Look for more Image Comics First Looks soon here in The Continuum.

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For covers and two- to three-page previews of upcoming Dark Horse Comics titles, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Kull #5, Conan the Cimmerian #9 and Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods #4.

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For covers and four- to five-page previews of Archie Comics titles arriving in stores on March 11, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Archie & Friends #129, Archie Digest #252 and Sonic the Hedgehog #198.


For previously posted May solicitations, click on the publishers' names below:

* Antarctic Press.

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* Moonstone Books.

* Oni Press.

* Radical Publishing.

* Top Cow Productions.


* Warner Bros. has released a characters banner and new one-sheet for Terminator: Salvation.

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* Upcoming repeat episodes of TMNT: Back to the Sewer on The CW 4Kids will be "Tempus Fugit" on March 7, "Karate Schooled" on March 14, "Something Wicked" on March 21 and and "The Engagement Ring" on March 28.


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