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Writer Kathleen Webb talks about Betty & Veronica #241, due in stores on April 15.

Question: What makes Veronica so self-centered?

Webb: Veronica's self-centeredness stems partly from her being a pampered, spoiled only child. Having no siblings contributed to her feeling like she must be the center of attention, she already is at home. Being a natural beauty as well she tends to be vain, which also contributes to her feeling like everything must be about her.

Question: What are the qualities that make her a good friend for Betty?

Webb: Owing to her self-centeredness, Veronica is very self-assured and confident. This helps when Betty lacks confidence in herself -- Ron has enough for two! For all her faults, Veronica is a loyal friend and does appreciate the good things Betty has done for her in the past. She's also there for Betty as a "sister" regarding girl type stuff -- talking about boys, trying on clothes, sharing makeup tips, etc. The two share similar interests in music, fashion and boys -- obviously -- so there's plenty they have in common. Veronica, with her good taste in style, also is a good influence on Betty in this area.

Question: How are Betty and Veronica able to maintain their friendship while they fight over Archie?

Webb: By separating their friendship from their rivalry. They like each other enough as individuals to remain fiercely loyal to each other even when they are tearing each other apart for Archie's attentions. Of course, sometimes the scratching can get too close for comfort and they wind up hurting each other's feelings. But after they've done some thinking, they realize what they like about the other person is too valuable for them to allow even Archie to break their friendship up. Then they quickly reconcile.

Question: How do Betty and Veronica complement one another?

Webb: Betty's humility and kindness offset Veronica's self-centeredness and cruelty. Veronica's self-confidence offsets Betty's self-depreciation. Betty's "girl next door" persona is offset by Veronica's "woman of the world" mystique. Veronica's glamorous overkill is offset by Betty's down home earthiness. Betty's sweetness is offset by Veronica's spice. If Veronica gets too rich for Archie's blood, he can always spend time with middle-class-values Betty. And if he gets tired of living within his means with Betty, he can live like a king spending time with Veronica.

Question: What does Veronica expect as a wedding guest?

Webb: Before the wedding? ARCHIE!! After the wedding? Sympathy!!! Of course, if it's not Betty and Archie getting married, and it's somebody else's wedding, Veronica expects to be treated as a Very Important Guest, and to be given the best seat in the house, first dance with the cutest boy at the wedding (as long as he's not the groom), and the first piece of cake. And to be acknowledged as the one who gave the most expensive, thoughtful and perfect present!

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