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"Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'Oh" on Sunday, May 3

When Marge learns Springfield Elementary is the worst school in the state, she and Homer rent an apartment in the upscale Waverly Hills school district so Bart and Lisa can attend a better school. Bart establishes a new bad boy image to impress the other students and increases an ostracized Lisa's popularity by telling everyone she is best friends with pop star Alaska Nebraska (guest-voice Ellen Page). Meanwhile, Homer moves into the rented Waverly Hills apartment and gets used to the bachelor lifestyle.

"Four Great Women and a Manicure" on Sunday, May 10

Marge and Lisa visit the nail salon where they engage in a spirited debate as to whether a woman can be smart, powerful and beautiful all at the same time. To prove their point, they spin four tales of famous women featuring famous Springfield faces: Selma as Queen Elizabeth I, Lisa as Snow White, Marge as Lady Macbeth and Maggie (guest-voice Jodie Foster) as the idealistic architect protagonist from Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead.

"Coming to Homerica," season finale, on Sunday, May 17

When nearby Ogdenville's economy crumbles due to tainted barley discovered in Krusty's veggie burgers, the unemployed workers of Ogdenville flock to Springfield. After Mayor Quimby closes Springfield's borders and enlists private citizens to help patrol them, Homer organizes a border patrol group.

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