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Writer Melanie J. Morgan talks about "My Father's Betrayal" featured in Betty & Veronica Double Digest #170, due in stores on April 22.

Question: "My Father's Betrayal" starts next week. What is the story about?

Morgan: Like all the New Look stories, this really touches on a lot of emotional issues. Veronica and most of Riverdale are at odds with Mr. Lodge, who is turning Eversgreen into an industrial park. It's Lodge vs. Lodge.

Question: This story is very topical with the current economic realities we all deal with. Was this story planned to explorer themes from the real world?

Morgan: Yes and no. Most of us battled with our parents; this time with Veronica it's big business. If she can save the forest, she can hurt her family and many others financially. It's a tough decision for a lot of families with no easy answers.

Question: Isn't this a complex story for an Archie Comic?

Morgan: Yes, all the New Look Archie stories have a bit more involved with them. Still, the story is a lot of fun with some really hysterical moments drawn by Rick Burchett and Terry Austin.

Question: What does the "new look" add to the story?

Morgan: The New Look answers what would these loved characters look like not drawn as they always have but by some of the best realistic comic-book artists. The stories reflect a more realistic tone in what most of us have to deal with.

Question: Each new look is a little different from the last new look. How is an artist matched to one of your stories?

Morgan: This New Look has some good funny moments and Rick handles that so well. His Jughead is absolutely great. After that we have a really emotional story featuring Archie himself with art by Norm Breyfogle, and he handles those moments with a lot of feeling. It's like any other Archie project; put the right artists with the right story and you get another great Archie comic!

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