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Artist Bill Galvan talks about The High School Chronicles Volume One: Freshman Year, due in stores on April 29.

Question: How did the idea for Freshman Year come about?

Galvan: I pitched the idea of "Archie: Freshman Year" to writer Batton Lash, who I had worked with before on Scrapyard Detectives, another all-ages comic. I asked Batton if he would be interested in writing the project, because he does such a great job with comedy and drama. We were really interested in the idea of Archie's first year in high school, because it had never been shown before, kind of an "Archie: Year One." So then we both pitched the idea to Victor Gorelick at Archie Comics during the San Diego Comic-Con. All the guys at Archie liked the idea, so we were good to go.

Question: When it finally came out, how was it different from your original idea?

Galvan: It came together exactly as I had hoped. Also, in a lot of ways, it surpassed what I had envisioned because Batton had done such a great job creating a central plot and subplots that strung the whole story together.

Question: Why did you have Jughead leave Riverdale?

Galvan: Batton and I had talked about it, and I'd always had this idea that Jughead had gone to another school for some reason, and that it also could have some interesting dramatic uses for the story. Starting high school is tough, but starting without your best friend is really tough. Plus it opens up a whole new missing chapter for Jughead that could be explored.

Question: Freshman Year introduced two new characters, Pencilneck G. and Jared McGerk. What do they bring to the series that preexisting characters couldn't and will we be seeing them again?

Galvan: Batton did a great job creating those characters. I'm not sure if we'll ever see Jared McGerk again, but Pencilneck is sure to be showing up again! He and his "bizarro-Archie" pal Zane Zappen are great characters. In fact, right now I am working with Batton on a new five-part sequel to Freshman Year that covers the missing chapters in the characters lives, and Pencilneck G and Zane will feature prominently! This sequel will run in future issues of Archie and Friends.

Question: :The new trade paperback is listed as volume one, when will we be seeing volume two?

Galvan: Soon I hope! I'm looking forward to doing more with the "High School Chronicles." It's a great way to do extended stories that really bring out the best in the characters.

Question: What else are you doing at Archie?

Galvan: In Archie and Friends #130-131, I drew an Archie vs. Josie Battle of the Bands that pits the two famous rock bands against each other. That was a lot of fun to draw, and it has a great story by Archie writer Steve Oswald. Also, I've got stories in the digests that show up regularly too.

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