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Written and art by Fred Perry.

The new, reader friendly direction of Gold Digger continues! Gina and Britanny accompany their mother, Julia, and her students to Jade-Realm to visit the tomb of Julia's teacher, Master Leep, on the anniversary of his death. All of his students have come to pay their respects, including Julia's one-time best friend, Karia, the current master of Jade-Realm's war-magic school. Karia blames Julia for the death of their beloved teacher, and she's prepared to make her former friend pay in full for her carelessness!

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Fred Perry, art by J.L. Anderson.

By popular demand, it's the triumphant return of Gold Digger's own Odd Couple: seven-year-old genius Tifanny 'Giaóhalf were-cheetah and half alien Krynóand her bestest buddy, Charlotte Pinserófull-grown, genetically designed harpy with the mind of young teen. They're back in class at A.P.S.-001, the school for super-beings and super-brains, where more super-weirdness and super-fun are filling the curriculum!

Tifanny's months of stuffing the Student Activities suggestion box with requests for a talent show have finally paid off! Charlotte signs up both of them and their werewolf friend Pojo for the competition, and the eager trio starts practicng. (Well, Pojo's kinda reluctant, but he'll come around). Then Tifanny learns that the event is actually a "Battle Talent Show", a martial arts fighting competition, and poor Charlotte's entered their combat style as "Ballet"! Yet even Battle Ballet can't compete with the weirdness caused by a full-moon solar eclipse on the day of the competition!

32 pages, black and white, $3.99.


Written by Robby Bevard and Ben Denn, art by Dunn.

During his 10 years of conquest, insane Shidoshi leader Yuudai conquered Quagmire U.S.A., beating down all the heroes, enslaving all the magical creatures, tricking the honest into serving an evil cause, and being an all-around evil overlord. Now the time has come for Ricky Feeple, who has trained ten years for this moment, to fight him in an epic showdown, in the penultimate chapter of the story arc that began 45 issues ago!

24 pages, black and white, $2.99.


Written and art by Rod Espinosa.

The Nebulous Mirage has been ambushed in mid-warp by a deadly Olgom privateer, halting the last leg of Ronen and his mother's journey to their homeland. Refused aid by his Mesozora kinsmen, Ronen joins Captain Nielrich's crew in rushing to the strong point, only to be snatched en route by mysterious, steel-suited agents of a powerful, dark master. Even after the goddess Sahssa Rai intervenes on his behalf, Ronen and his allies must now stop an enemy battalion still aboard! The final battle has begun!

48 pages, $3.99.


Written by Fred Perry and Doug Dlin, art by Perry.

For more than 15 years, Fred Perry's Gold Digger has brought readers a wealth of incredible stories and memorable characters. It's also been packed full of some of the weirdest, wildest, and most wonderful technology ever to leap off a drawing board. Now, in the GD Sourcebook tradition, we reveal the secrets and details of the fantastic array of gadgets, weaponry, vehicles, robots, and more, from cutting-edge discoveries to technology predating the entire universe...all told from the perspective of Gold Digger's foremost technology expert, Gina Diggers herself! From Beta-Tech's Phantom Rings to Hurt-bots and Peebos, from Ace's many aircraft and the ships of the Dynasty to Gina's Gina-mobiles and the Laz-E-Boy of Doom!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Robby Bevard, art by Ben Dunn.

Young expert assassin Suzume Satsujin is finally finding a purpose with her new friend Dawn Brown, a grim reaper. Together, they take on the Joyless, violent spirits that threaten the living. But when Suzume's killing rage gets the best of her, more than evil spirits may be threatened. Meanwhile, Ricky Feeple is finding it difficult to deal with his new girlfriend, fun-loving thief Sora Wakahishi, but when her "Grandpa Rumpy", actually the goblin Rumplestiltskin, comes to claim her, things go from difficult to impossible. And when Ricky's newest rival, the reincarnated master ninja Yuudai, attempts to tap four Celestial Beasts for fantastic power, it conflicts with Rumplestiltskin's spell, turning all of Quagmire into an RPG nightmare! Collects Ninja High School #160-167.

160 pages, black and white, $12.95.


Written and art by David Hutchison.

Threat condition Red! Trillion-dollar deficits, machine gun-toting soccer moms, money-hungry contractors and flesh-hungry super soldiers lead by 200 yearsí worth of undead Presidents! Can we stop this new national nightmare? Yes we can! It's time to set aside our partisan differences and petty bickering and unite behind "Ba-rot" Obama, the one man that can bring hope to our troubled shores. When the outgoing administrationís plan to shore up our depleted militaryís troop numbers goes awry, Washington, D.C. becomes ground zero for all-you-can-eat action, destruction, and some change you can believe in!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Joe Wight, art by David Hutchison and Wight.

You've read about dead Presidents rising in President Evil! Now for a few more dead Presidents, you can get a book on how to draw (and fight) them! When the dead walk the Earth, will you survive? Not unless you have this essential zombie guide and "How To Draw" handbook! Not only will you learn how to draw all types of zombies, you'll get skills and tips on how to defeat them and survive the Apocalypse! Don't let your artistic talents go to waste just 'cause the world has endedóthis essential guide is here to help!

128 pages, black and white, $19.95.


Written by Matt Spradlin, art by Anthony Vargas.

While six top students of the exclusive Crestview Academy serve detention in the nearly completed new library, their boredom leads to tales of ghosts and talk of the recent death of a man who once lived on the school's property. The elite school's subdued reputation for being haunted prompts the students to hold a half-hearted seanceóand summon a ghoulish apparition from the underworld! The fiend leaves one student dead and throws the other five into a state of terror as they try to escape from Crestview's fancy new library. But as the six cliquish students realize why they've come together, they can only wonder: Is it a vengeful phantom trying to kill them off, or someone within their very own group? Find out as the remaining kids race to escape their "Splatterday" detention!

48 pages, $3.50.


Art by Brian Denham.

The gorgeously gruesome print of the cover of President Evil! This print comes on high-quality cardstock in a sturdy Mylar sleeve, so you can use it to deflect zombie gore, shield yourself from falling debris, reinforce your doors or windows against invasionóor heck, just hang it on your wall! Supplies are limited.

18 inches by 24 inches, $19.99.

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