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Writer Craig Boldman talks about Jughead #195, due in stores from Archie Comics on May 20.

Question: Most of the Archie Comics title have rotating creative teams, so how have you and Rex Lindsey been able to maintain the regular monthly partnership on Jughead?

Boldman: It's certainly not a struggle; it's a joy. Have you ever heard of TV or movie actors who never watch their own work? I can relate to that sentiment. Generally, once a story of mine is published, I don't feel an urge to look at it again. With the exception of my work on Jughead, and that's because I love what Rex brings to the stories. It's a given that all Archie artists know how to draw the characters very well. But Rex's work is infused with a sense of humor that gives the stories an additional kick. It's a rare thing, but he has the knack. He's more than a comic-book artist, he's a cartoonist. I never communicate with Rex directly. I don't even know what he looks like, actually. It's probably superstition on my part that I've never picked up the phone to give him a shout, but the system seems to work great as is, and I hate to risk upsetting the apple cart.

Question: What is it you find interesting about Jughead?

Boldman: I don't really analyze Jughead, but I guess I do step inside the character when I'm writing him. Wearing that hat is an enjoyable exercise. (No, I don't literally wear that hat.) Probably thereputic. He has an enviable outlook on the world: He's true to himself and doesn't care what others think if he's out of step with them. I never run out of things to say about Jughead. I wish more readers would find him so we could up the frequency.

Question: What is it about Jughead's crown that connects with the fans?

Boldman: I don't see it as a crown, I see it as a jester's cap. I don't think he'd wear it if he thought it looked like a crown. What's not to like about it? It's very stylish, probably way ahead of its time.

Question: Who is Mr. Milkweed?

Boldman: Well, he's a cypher. That's sort of his point. He's a longstanding threat to Jughead that Jughead never knew existed. But, once brought to light, must be dealt with! Read that story "The Milkweed Lament" and you'll know everything there is to know about him. At least, everything I know about him.

Question: Without any money, how can Jughead be Pop's best customer?

Boldman: Oh, Jughead manages to come up with the cash when pressed. Usually by borrowing it from Archie. But any monetary transactions are just token nods to the rules of society. I'm sure Pop realizes that without Jughead the place would just be another brick and mortar box, and who'd want to operate a place like that?

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