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Batman The Brave and The Bold Caped Crusader Kit

FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2009



Written by Earl Mac Rauch, art by Shawn Van Briessen and Mark Stegbauer, colors by James Brown and covers by J. Anthony Kosar and David Easterly.

In this wild-and-wooly rockin' adventure, find out the secrets of the woman who likes all things that are pointy. What was she like before this exquisite and bad ass bass player joined the Hong Kong Cavaliers, and how did she join up? Join Buckaroo as he uses stealth, a Gatling gun, Reno's head, and some squishy mutates to extricate her from her trouble, as well as mop up a sloppy mess! What is her hush-hush all-seeing connection with the World Crime League? Was it a love connection at first sight with Perfect Tommy and Lady G? And remember, as always, the watermelon is optional.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Ben Raab and Joe Gentile, art by Pat Quinn, Paul Guinan and Art Lyon.

This volume collects the two sold-out Phantom graphic novels, Legacy and Law of the Jungle.

The ultimate origin of the Phantom!-as told by the Ghost Who Walks himself! Ripped from the pages of the very first Chronicle, (the on-going journal/diary written by every Phantom) this original epic GN reveals how a centuries-old tradition of fighting piracy, cruelty and injustice was passed down from one generation of Walkers to the next.

Then, every society has its laws: some written, some unwritten-for some are forbidden to be even spoken aloud. These are the laws that get passed on from one generation to the next. The penalty for breaking these laws is often swift and uncompromising. Combine the lack of this knowledge with the unhinged mind of a deadly assassin who is calling out the Phantom, and you get nothing but fire.

176 pages, $18.95.


Written by Mike Bullock, art by Carlos Magno and Silvestre Szilagyi, cover by Douglas Klauba.

The Ghost Who Walks in all out action, including the controversial storyline "The Invisible Children" ripped from the headlines of today's Africa! Invisible Children is a charitable organization that helps educate and save African children who are pressed into military service.

This volume collects the Phantom issues #12-20, and #26! High adventure and intrigue in the African jungle, on the high seas, and in the streets! There is always justice that needs to be served, whether it's in the present...or the past.

220 pages, $20.95.


Written by Mark Rahner and Horton, art by Dan Dougherty.

"Frostbite" part 2 of 3. It's bad enough that agents Wade and Flynn are stuck undercover commanding a snowbound, run-down military fort under attack by slow-moving, hungry corpses...but now they're forced to accommodate a corrupt business mogul with friends in high places -- and a distractingly beautiful wife. They're losing control of the unruly soldiers...and things are about to get much, much worse.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Will Murray, art by Giovanni P. Timpano, cover by Gary Carbon.

"Tomahaws From Hell." The Spider: the most violent and ruthless of all crime fighters...A cloaked, fanged, borderline crazy denizen of the dark force-feeding hard justice with a pair of '45's!

new reign of terror has begun in Manhattan, something not seen in generations. All over town, people in all walks of life are found murdered -- scalped!

"Red Tomahawk." Demands that all citizens of Manhattan evacuate the city. Itıs being taken back by its original owners -- the Mohawks.

Nita is kidnapped. Then what appears to be her blonde scalp arrives at police HQ in a box. But the box contains a clue and so a maddened Spider follows that clue to the real Red Tomahawk, to rescue Nita and end the reign of blood.

32 pages, black and white, $3.25.


Written by Mike Bullock, pencils and inks by Silvestri Syzilagyi, colors by Bob Pedroza, covers by Joe Corroney and Mike Romanoski.

"Return of The Eastern Dark," part 1 of 2. When people go missing, The Phantom finds himself drawn into what appears to be a slave trade ring, but turns out to be far more insidious. Can The Ghost Who Walks overcome The Eastern Dark, or will the sun set on our hero once and for all? Bonus: The serialized Phantom prose back-ups continue this issue.

32 pages, $3.99.

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