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Written by Michael Uslan, art by Stan Goldberg.

"Archie Marries Veronica Part 1: The Proposal": Could it be true? Has Archie finally decided to take the plunge and propose to comics' favorite rich girl? It sure looks that way! Earlier this year readers got a chance to relive "Freshman Year" with the famous teens of Riverdale High. Now make way for this special story that takes a look at Archie and his friends after they graduate college! What careers will they seek? Will the friends stay in Riverdale or disperse? What would lead Archie to have marriage on his mind? And why would he choose Veronica over Betty? How will Betty react? Can Archie shake off his klutzy past and hold down a steady job... for more than a month? Two things are certain: with the Lodges as hosts, this will be the biggest wedding Riverdale has ever seen... and the biggest Archie Comics story since the famous "Love Showdown!"

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on August 19.


Written by Hal Lifson, John Rose and Angelo DeCesare, art by Dan Parent.

"The Archies in New York": Not since the Beatles first landed in America has a rock band's trip to Manhattan caused such excitement! The Archies have touched down in the Big Apple for a gig in Central Park. Of course, when in the big city be sure to partake of the big sights... and partake the group does! From the Plaza Royal Hotel to the swank shops at Central Park West and the world famous Tavern on the Green, the band makes the most of their stay. They even meet famous New York "celebrities" like late night talk show host David Betterman, gossip columnist Liz Smythe and real estate mogul Donald Stump! Best of all, their concert benefits the New York Homeless Shelter! Archie, rock Śn' roll and the greatest city on earth ­ has there ever been a more perfect combination? It's all brought to you by no less a pop music authority than Hal Lifson, author of the swingin' sixties coffee table tome, "Hal Lifson's 1966!" "Fair Time": Its time for rides, games, contests and more when Archie and his friends enjoy one last summer at the Riverdale County Fair! "Archie's Guide to Body Language": The story that proves every "body" has something to say!

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on August 12.


Written by Melanie J. Morgan and various, art by Norm Breyfogle and various.

"Goodbye Forever Part Two": A promotion for Mr. Andrews means a new hometown for Archie... and his closest friends are crushed! So far, only Betty and Jughead know, but Veronica is about to find out, along with the rest of the gang having snacks at Pop's Chok'lit Shoppe. That tremor running through Riverdale isn't an earthquake, but the collective shock of all of Archie's friends as they hear the news! Can Riverdale ever be the same? It's the most poignant "New Look" story yet. Plus: Other new and classic tales. Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

176 pages, $3.99, in stores on August 12.


Written by Angelo DeCesare and Mike Pellowski, art by Jeff Shultz.

"It's All About Mia": Coach Betty must teach her new star soccer player that there's no "I" in team! "The Impossible Dream": Betty dreams... literally... of the perfect solution to the love triangle! "Flip Service": Betty and Veronica "flip" head over heels for their new karate instructor!

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on August 26.


Written by George Gladir and various, art by Stan Goldberg and various.

"Route 66 Here We Come": It's both fast and furious... furiously funny and entertaining that is ­ this pavement pounding tale of eco-friendly cars... libraries promoting literacy through comic reading... suitcase cars... famous sites like the Cadillac Ranch... and more as the teens rev up for a Route 66 rendezvous! Special guest appearance by Phil Yeh of "Cartoonists Across America!" "Birdhouse Builders": A simple birdhouse building project becomes a major development... and we do mean major... when Veronica gets involved! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

88 pages, $2.69, in stores on Sept. 1.


Written by George Gladir, Mike Pellowski, Tim Kennedy and various, art by Jeff Shultz, Bill Galvan, Kennedy and various.

"Celebration Elation": The 100th anniversary of Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe comes once in a lifetime... and is Pop ever grateful for that! "Penny Wise-Guy": Reggie cries "small change" when Jughead finds a penny... until it starts yielding dividend upon dividend! "Show & Tell": It's Friday afternoon, and that means weekend fever for Jughead! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

176 pages, $3.99, in stores on August 26.


Written by Bill Golliher, Tim Kennedy, John Rose and various, art by Jeff Shultz, Kennedy, Fernando Ruiz and various.

"Car Pool?": Rev up your engine for a worry-reversal when Archie lends his car to his dad! "Me, Myself & I": The world awaits the outcome when Archie adopts Jughead's new decision-making process! "A Fish Tale": When Archie and Jughead invite Reggie fishing, Riverdale's resident wise guy tries to "bait" the pair into falling for his pranks! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

176 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 1.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Tracy Yardley.

Part three of the epic "Mobius: 30 Years Later" tale. "What's Old is New Again": King Sonic has been evicted from his castle with only Lara-Su at his side! What's a deposed king to do? Gather up some Freedom Fighters, that's what! But who? And from where? This pulse-pounding tale allows readers to see some familiar faces as the Future Freedom Fighters assemble for the first time!

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on August 26.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Steven Butler.

"Heavy is the Head Part One": Sonic learned last issue that the villains of the Iron Dominion were no push-overs. Now the fight gets personal! And when the Iron Queen arrives to show just how powerful she is, the life of a Freedom Fighter hangs in the balance! Plus: "Friend in Deed": Knuckles must fight the fight everyone dreads, as he faces off against a former colleague-turned-traitor within the Chaotix!

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on August 12.


Written and art by Dan Parent.

"Show me the Monet": An art student decides to make Veronica his muse... but is the world ready for Veronica to show up in every classical painting he does? "Your Space or Mine": When Veronica introduces her father to the "Spacebook" social networking website, she ends up running "interference" between her dad and her friends! "Star Treatment": A sci-fi star from the past uses Marcy to get close to Veronica... how long before he's "seeing stars?!"

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on Sept. 1.

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