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Writer and talent liason C.B. Cebulski hosted Marvel Comics' panel at Heroes Con in Charlotte, N.C., on Friday. He was joined by writers Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker and Mark Waid and editor Janine Schaffer.

Following are highlights:

* Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural kicks off in October, spinning out of the events in New Avengers with Doctor Voodoo as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Rick Remender is writing, with the artist to be announced.

* Also launching in October is Strange, a mini-series written by Mark Waid with an artist -- a BOOM! Studios alumnus -- to be announced. Waid said that Strange still has powers, but now must work much harder and will will be less dour.

* Vengeance of the Moon Knight is written by Gregg Hurwitz, with art by Jerome Opena. Moon Knight returns to New York with Norman Osborn as his target.

* Waid is writing the beginning "The Gauntlet," which kicks off in Amazing Spider-Man #611 and returns many of Spider-Man's villains through 2010.

Waid said Electro is the first foe. Paul Azaceta provides the art.

* Starr the Slayer is a four-issue MAX series that starts in September. It is written by Daniel Way, with art by Richard Corben

* Brubaker said The Marvels Project starts in 1939 and goes up through the events of Pearl Harbor.

* Bendis said Stuart Immonen will be the regular artist on New Avengers, bringing consistency to the book.

* Cebulski said there will be six more What If? one-shots in December and they will also feature back-up stories.

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