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IDW Publishing has announced a partnership with Archie Comics to reprint some of Archie's most iconic stories in deluxe hardcover and trade paperback editions.

Under the agreement, IDW will reprint sequential newspaper strips for the first time, offer multiple collections of the Archie comics material from the past seven decades, and add to the brand's digital presence. The newspaper strip collections will be incorporated into IDW's Library of American Comics (Dick Tracy, The Complete Terry & the Pirates), helmed by Dean Mullaney.

"We are incredibly excited to be working with Archie Comics," said Greg Goldstein, IDW's chief operating officer. "There are very few comics as influential in popular culture as Archie, and we are looking forward to offering original, never-before-reprinted strips and a wealth of comic book material to fans."

In addition to reprinting original strips by series creator John Goldwater and original artist Bob Montana, IDW will also present Best Of volumes that showcase the work of Archie artists, such as Montana, Dan DeCarlo and Stan Goldberg.

"Archie has had so many talented artists throughout its history, each with their own take on the characters," Goldstein said. "We want to offer fans the best from each of those eras, especially since much of this material has not been in print since its original publication."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with IDW Publishing on these important historical works. IDW is well known for their outstanding work and we look forward to working closely with the team at IDW to create a line that all past, present and future Archie fans will enjoy," said co-CEO Jon Goldwater.

IDW will also publish special collections of Archie's Madhouse and Archie as Pureheart the Powerful, a comedic super-hero series that ran during the 1960's. Creative director and editor Craig Yoe will oversee many of these special volumes.


Universal Republic recording artist Colbie Caillat will be featured in Archie Comics' Veronica #196, due in stores on Sept. 2.

In the story, appropriately titled "Fallin' for You," Betty wins tickets to see Colbie Caillat in concert, and Veronica wants in, but Betty has already promised to take Archie. Veronica doesn't give up that easily, though, and she eventually runs into Colbie.

"Mixing it up with Archie, Veronica, and Betty and the gang is absolutely one of the highlights of my career," Caillat said.

Caillat's breakthrough single "Bubbly" and debut double-platinum album Coco took the music and online world by storm in 2007. Her new album, Breakthrough, and single, "Fallin' For You," are due on August 25.

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Harris Comics has released new images and details from Vampire: The Second Coming, a four-issue mini-series that launches in September.

All four issues of the mini-series -- written by Phil Hester, with art by Daniel Sampere -- will cost $1.99. The first issue will feature 20 pages of story, with no ads, and covers by Arthur Suydam, Joe Jusko, Ryan Stegman and Jose Gonzalez.

Here's how Harris describes the issue:

"Vampirella is not real. Like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page shešs a cultural phenomenon now woven into society's DNA, a symbol of sensuality and power. So thinks a group of women who become increasingly and inexplicably fascinated with her, getting Vampi tattoos, researching her story and seeking each other out to celebrate her. But as a virus ravages Washington, possessing any man it comes across and liberating their darkest desires, these women feel a call from something... or someone... to battle this new threat. Who is doing this to them? Is Vampirella real after all?"

Click on the thumbnails above for larger images of the covers and the thumbnails below for examples of Sampere's art.

Silver Surfer


The "War of the Witchblades" story will conclude with Witchblade #130, in stores on Sept. 9 from Top Cow Productions.

The issue, written by Ron Marz with art by Stjepan Sejic, will see someone emerge as sole wielder of the Witchblade. Witchblade #130 will ship with three covers -- one by Sejic revealing the identity of the new Angelus bearer, as well as two covers by classic Witchblade artist Adriana Melo featuring Sara and Dani. Top Cow has released three possible covers by Sejic.

The issue marks Marz's 50th as writer of Witchblade.

"The book has very much been a two-character drama since we introduced Dani," Marz said. "We might not have had both characters in every issue, but both characters were definitely a presence in the book. At the end of this storyline, we'll be back to focusing on one character and that character's life.

"There are a lot of different plot threads going on in this arc ­ Sara, Dani, Sara's sister Julie, Dani's friend Finch, the Angelus. And while they might seem like disparate threads now, they'll all tie together.

"I will say this: when I kill somebody in one of my books, they stay killed if I have anything to say about it. Death shouldn't be a revolving door, because it saps the drama out of a story. Sara's first partner, Jake, took a dirt nap, and it's gonna stay that way. If somebody is really dead, they're dead.

"Somebody ends up with the Witchblade, somebody ends up as the Angelus. But I'm not telling who. That's why we solicited three different possible versions of the Sejic cover to #130. Obviously we're only going to press with one of them -- but the question is, which one?"


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Titles include The Stand: American Nightmares #4, Secret Warriors #6 and Ghost Riders: Heaven's On Fire #1.

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Halo at Entertainment Earth


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* Moonstone Books.

* Oni Press.

* Radical Publishing.

* Red 5 Comics.

* Top Cow Productions.

* Zenescope Entertainment.


* Above is the previously unpublished lithograph from Bill Sienkiewicz that will be available at his booth at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The lithograph is limited to 300 and signed, and will cost $40.

Sieknkiewicz will also have a limited edition Sketchbook for $20.

* Top Cow Productions has released Marc Silvestri concept art for its Pilot Season for 2009. Silvestri and writer Robert Kirkman are teaming for five original concepts, with readers voting on a single property to become a Top Cow series.

The Pilot Season initiative is expected to launch in October.

Click on the thumbnails for larger and fuller images.

* Marvel Comics has announced a second printing for the sold-out Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man #1. The new printing will feature Chris Bachalo's interior art on the cover and will be in stores on July 29.

* According to DC Comics, Tony Daniel is writing and drawing six issues of Batman following the "Long Shadow" arc by Judd Winick and Mark Bagley. Daniel's run starts in October.


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