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FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2009


SAN DIEGO -- A screening of "Mayhem of the Music Meister" and hints at Season 2 highlighted the Batman: Brave and the Bold panel at Comic-Con International on Friday.

Panelists included producers James Tucker and Michael Jelenic, voice actors Diedrich Bader, John DiMaggio and James Armold Taylor, voice director Andrea Romano and moderator Sam Register.

* Volume 2 on Batman: The Brave and the Bold will be release on DVD on Nov. 10.

* Tucker thanked the fans for understand the show and that Batman "goes beyond 1989," referring to the dark tone set by Tim Burton's movie.

* Jelenic said the show has a wild range "You go from the super dark episode of Red Tornado killing his son to the Bat-Mite episode," he said.

* Jelenic said he and Tucker discussed at length whether Batman should wear a scarf during a World War II episode -- he does.

* Romano said the recording episodes are pretty much like other show, "but maybe a little sillier."

* Bader said Batman is his favorite role ever. He said that he has been playing Batman long enough to emotionally impacted by the character and that there's an episode that has closure for Batman. "I actually started crying," he said, noting later he recorded a completely opposite kind of episode.

* DiMaggio said that playing the role of Aquaman has been, "outrageous," slipping into character. "I'm excited for all that you're going to see in the next season."

* Taylor said he originally auditioned for Batman, and that it's "a dream come true" to play both Green Arrow and Guy Gardner.

* Romano talked about the casting of Batman.

* DiMaggio did an impression of Bader's Batman, plugging his nose for the nasal quality. Taylor noted that the floors vibrate in the studio when Bader does the voice.

* Upcoming characters include Enemy Ace, Detective chimp, Haunted Tank, Vixen, Captain Marvel and the whole Marvel family, Viking Prince, Firestorm, Metal Men, Doom Patrol, B'wanna Beast, Starro

* Jelenic said the show works best when there's no plan going into story meeting and they try to eschew logic. "Our approach is putting things that don't fit together and try to make them work," Jelenic said.

* DiMaggio said that working with Romano, it's easy to make choices for Aquman's character. "She just said, 'It's got to be broad, but it's got to be sincere.'"

* Jelenic said that Tucker came up with Aquaman's catchphrase of "outrageous" and that DiMaggio made it work.

* Bader said that he tries to be the grounding element. "Once you know that, there's jokes, but they are really kind of dry reflections of the other characters," he said.

* Register said his initial reaction to the musical episode was to stay away. "It took the show to a new place. I applaud the bravery of our producers and those that scored it."

The episode was then screened. It features Neil Patrick Harris as the Music Meister. Other characters include Green Arrow, Black Canary, Aquaman, Gorilla Grodd, Clock King and Black Manta.

Black Canary, voiced by Grey DeLisle, was a featured performer.

The episode -- written by Jelenic and directed by Ben Jones -- drew a standing ovation among its conclusion.

* Register said he approved a full orchestra for the episode.

* Register said discussions are taking place with DC Comics about the use of character. "Superman and Wonder Woman are both characters we have thoughts about, so we'll see what happens," he said.

* The panel ended with a clip with Julie Newman, Catwoman from the 1960s Batman series, providing the voice of Martha Wayne in an episode called "Chill of the Night!"

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