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SUNDAY, JULY 26, 2009


By Ernie Estrella

SAN DIEGO -- At its Angel panel at Comic-Con International on Saturday, IDW Publishing announced that Fables creator Bill Willingham will take over as writer of Angel with #28.

Willingham will be joined by artist Brian Denham. Bill Williams and David Messina will do Eddie Hope backup stories.

Willingham explained how he came to the series. "They called me out of the blue and IDW has a very bizarre ability to come up with artists that writers want to work with, and made it happenm," he said. "So I'd like to say for the future, I want to work with the entire female cast of Firefly.

"We're kicking Angel out of the book, but no real big changes," Willingham said. "When Hell took over L.A. ... we can argue when that actually happened. They started to recruit for talent for devils, they found temporary ones but then stripped away those powers, except they missed one, Eddie Hope."

Williams described Eddie Hope's story as the guy who knows the 100 worst people in LA and is taking revenge on them.

Willingham will feature Connor in his run, because, "He's such a little butthead! If there's a way to misinterpret a situation, it's Connor. We're going to give him his own army of demons."

In addition to Willingham, panelists included Chris Ryall, Juliet Landau, Bill Willingham, Peter David, Scott Lobdell, Brian Lynch, Scott Tipton and Sam Shearon.

Following are other highlights:

* Angel #24-25 will be plotted and co-written by Landau (Drusilla from the show) and Brian Lynch. Art will be by Franco Urro.

Landau said she knew the story she wanted to tell. She has been surprisingly involved in the creative process including setting the look, color palette, and mood of this story. Landau says "This world is dark, cold, and oppressive yet, Dru is more alive than anything else in the world."

In the back of both issues will be photos of Landau as Drusilla.

* Angel: Last Angel in Hell Annual is the full story of the movie that was made in the comic, including ads in the back for for Angel merchandise.

* Peter David takes a dip into the Whedon-verse in a crossover with his IDW book. Fallen Angel: Reborn is a four-issue mini-series written by David with art by JK Woodward. David wanted to do some sort of crossover with Joss Whedon's world and thought of Illryia and Whedon was on board from the beginning.

David said, "It grew from a one-issue appearance into a 4-issue story, Reborn gives a more epic scope of this crossover taking place during the fifth season of Angel when Illyria was relatively new to her current state, right after the episode, 'Time Bomb' where she's stripped of much of her powers.

"In trying to seek back her demon form, her journey takes her to the town of Fallen Angel. Regardless of which character you'll be able to follow it because you'll see the story from Illyria's point of view, but it in Fallen Angel's world. JK Woodward is unleashing a new art style in Reborn, that's part photorealistic and something experimental."

* On a side note, in May 2010, IDW is releasing an archive collection of the first 21 issues of Fallen Angel. Issues #16-21 have never been collected before.

A monthly Spike series will be written by Brian Lynch and drawn by Franco Urru. The first story will be titled, "No Bad Too Big" and will print in early 2010.

* Angel: A Hole in the World is a five-issue mini-series written by Scott Tipton and Elena Casagrande, launching this December.

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