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TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2009


SAN DIEGO -- The Continuum kicks off a series of roudtable interviews with the Smallville cast and producers from Comic-Con International last weekend with Allison Mack, who returns for her ninth season as Chloe Sullivan.

Question: Can you talk about Chloe's arc for this season?

Mack: She is a woman scorned. The word that I keep using for Chloe is she's cauterized. I think that Chloe has hardened. Her intention and her direction and her deliberation is much stronger than it ever has been before, and I think she's much more committed to actualizing the things that she believes in, and doing it in a way that's different than Chloe's done it before, because she doesn't have Clark to stop her from doing the things she wants to do. She's a bit more potent this year than she ever has been.

Question: We hear there's going to be some happiness coming for Chloe.

Mack: Happiness for Chloe? I had no idea. That would be lovely. I would love to play some happy things. It's been a while since my character's had happiness on this show. So I would be very pleased. That would be great.

I spent the last six episodes of the season last year crying and fighting and running, and the first three episodes of this year doing the same thing, so it would be nice to do some joyful things.

Question: So you'll be directing more this year?

Mack: I'm directing another episode this season, which is very exciting. I'm honored.

Question: Will you be doing anything differently in preparing this time?

Mack: I'm a little cockier this year, so I haven't gotten into my research yet for directing. I have a few directions that I have my eye on as far as shadowing is concerned, and I am always watching films in a different way and reading books, so I'll get down into it, probably a little closer to the time I start to direct.

Question: We've heard the term "Superman" being used...

Mack: Calling him Superman? Right now he's the Blur, and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon, because right now, we're really just establishing that title for him. But I don't think it's out of the question to think that we wouldn't eventually be calling him that. I don't really know.

Question: How is it playing a character and putting it into the comic lore?

Mack: It's so cool to know that the character that we've developed made enough of a name that people wanted to see her put into the mythos. I think that's an incredible compliment for both myself and the writers. It's an amazing thing, and I'm thrilled.

Question: Can you talk about doing a voice (Power Girl) in Superman/Batman Public Enemies?

Mack: I was, with Andrea Romano directing. It was amazing.

Question: You're further immersing into the whole DC spectrum.

Mack: In different forms, yeah, playing different types of characters. It's fun. I think the comic books are an incredible way to take a look at the world in a mythological, fantastical way. And tell really important stories in a more accessible medium. I think it's awesome.

Question: Is there any chance Chloe will be returning to the Daily Planet soon?

Mack: I hope so. I love that set. I want to film there more often, so I don't really know. I don't think she's a journalist anymore. She's really dedicated herself to being more of a behind the scenes kind of superhero/techno girl. She's more potent in that way, but I think that she can't really keep herself away from the Daily Planet, because the woman that she loves the most in the world works there. So, she's there often.

Question: What kind of scenes are you sharing with Dr. Hamilton (played by Alessandro Juliani)?

Mack: He's wonderful. A.J.'s great. It's amazing, actually. I have someone to share the technobabble with now. All of our dialogue and all of our speech, he speaks in a similar way that she does, so it's great. I don't have to carry the full weight of all of the technical jargon anymore. I can share a bit of the brunt of that with him. A lot of our scenes are kind of sidekick to sidekick. It's a funny dynamic, because neither of us know how to lead just yet. We're figuring that out.

Question: As the season begins, does Chloe try to look into where Lois has disappeared to?

Mack: Absolutely. Chloe's made it her life's work to find Clark and Lois, as well as the Justice League. She's sort of the only one that stayed true to Metropolis and held down the fort while everyone sort of fell apart, so she's trying to fit the pieces back together.

Question: At what point in the season do you appear as the Watchtower. In the first three episodes you mentioned you were wallowing in emotion.

Mack: I don't think I'm wallowing in emotion. I'm actually desperately trying to move things forward. She's taken on Watchtower last year, but now she doesn't have a team. So her job as Watchtower is to send out the troops and inform the team, but she doesn't have anyone to send out or inform right now. So, I think as Watchtower, she's deperately seeking a team -- that sounds like a singles ad -- and once she finds them, she'll click into Watchtower in full gear.

Question: If you could take Chloe in any direction this season, what would you want for her the most?

Mack: I want to do something different. I want to see her go for what she wants in a way that she never has before, and step into her own in a way that she never has before. I think that Clark and Chloe have different ideas with respect to how to get jobs done, and now that Clark is not working so closely with Chloe, I want to see Chloe step into a direction with respect to getting the job done that she's never done before. I think that we're going to see her much more intentful, much more ruthless, and much stronger this year.

Question: Chloe and Clark might not be interacting as much this year. Does that mean there's no chance for a romantic future?

Mack: Unfortunately, I believe that's the truth. They're both committing themselves a little bit more to getting the job done this year, although Clark is always distracted.

Question: Do you feel relieved about that, that her character can move on?

Mack: I think she moved on from Clark a while ago. I think that when she married Jimmy, she was really honest about her love for Jimmy, and I think that Chloe has taken Clark in as a family member moreso than a lover, and I think that happened several seasons ago. So while I'm unhappy that I don't get to play a love story with Tom Welling, as any actress would, I am pleased that I don't have to be the sad puppy dog anymore.

Question: What happened to Chloe's dad?

Mack: Chloe's dad disappeared. Chloe's dad is not around. Chloe and Clark are pretty much orphans, and I think that sort of made their relationship stronger.

Question: Are you doing more scenes by yourself? Who are you working with?

Mack: I'm working a lot with A.J. (Alessandro Juliani) who plays Dr. Hamilton. I am working with Tom right now, just wrapping up a lot of the stuff that they left open-ended last season, and I'll be working more and more with the Justice League, as I find them and put the pieces together.

Question: Will we see Chloe's reaction to Clark's new outfit?

Mack: She has some opinions that she shares, in her way.

Question: The season is dark. Will it still hold the comedy?

Mack: Absolutely. You can't have Erica Durance, Justin Hartley and Tom Welling in a show together without it being funny. It's definitely darker, but with darker storylines, comes darker humor, so it's good.

Question: Can you say anything about the actors who have departed the show, Sam Witwer and Aaron Ashmore?

Mack: I think Sam brought a depth and a darkness to the show that we really needed, and I can't say enough good things about Aaron Ashmore. I think that he's an amazing individual; a wonderful actor and he is so sorely missed on our show. I wish them both the best.

Question: How much action will Chloe be in?

Mack: Chloe's doing a lot more brainy stuff, not quite as much action. We've got Cassidy Freeman, who's a kick-ass fighter, and as well Erica Durance, who's also pretty bad-ass when it comes to fighting. So the two of them take care of most of the fighting this year. I'm doing a lot more of the intelligent battles.

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