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SAN DIEGO -- The Continuum continues a series of roundtable interviews with the Smallville cast and producers from Comic-Con International last weekend with Callum Blue, who joins the cast in Season 9 as Zod.

Question: What was your reaction upon finding out that this Mason character was actually Zod?

Blue: I was thrilled to bits. I remember Terence Stamp's portrayal of him in the movies, and he terrified me as a kid. So to play such an iconic character is both a good thing and a bad thing. I've got a lot of plans for him. I'm going to play it to the fullest. So I was chuffed.

Question: Will the Zod character be interacting with the other Kryptonians that are being introduced into the show?

Blue: I have come to Earth with a whole army of Kryptonians, so I've been interacting with those. They're my army. It's like a fascist party, and I'm their leader. I've been watching a lot of Hitler speeches and taking inspiration from him -- probably not a good thing.

Question: Tess is kind of working with your character, but she's not?

Blue: She's the one that summoned the Kryptonians. I think she doesn't know what she's gotten herself into. She doesn't know how powerful this character is. So he's kind of playing him and he's playing her, but he's one step ahead of her all the time. He's smart. He's really smart. There's some sexual chemistry going on also, even though Zod doesn't like humans at all, there's something about her that interests him at least.

Question: So Zod has the upper hand?

Blue: Oh, yeah. He's one step ahead of everybody. He has to be.

Question: What about any interactions with Supergirl?

Blue: I don't think he is aware of anbody at the moment. He's just landed on Earth and he's got to get his mind cleared up and work out his next move. They don't have their powers that they were promised, so he's got to work that out first. He's not even aware of Clark at the moment. What he is aware of is that Jor-El survived, and they were friends. That's what he is aware of.

Question: Which recurring actors have you worked with thus far?

Blue: Just Tess at the moment. He's laying low at the moment. He's only slowly being introduced into what this Earth is all about.

Question: How many episodes are you signed to appear in?

Blue: I think about 16 out of 22. Or maybe 15, I can't remember. I'll be a series regular, and they've got some plans for me. I'm going to shake things up a bit.

Question: Had Smallville been a series you had been watching in the past?

Blue: I hadn't been watching it, no. I have been now, and I'm falling in love with it. I think it's a brilliant show. They sent me a couple of episodes and I'm really getting into it. I'm actually going to go from No. 1. It may take me a while.

Question: So your character essentially is forming a plan.

Blue: He's finding his feet. He's slowing getting into his zone.

Question: He knows what he wants to do.

Blue: He knows what he wants to do. He wants everybody to kneel before him. He wants to take over the planet. How he does that, he has no idea yet. I want to make him more of a manic character than Terence Stamp was. He's a younger version of him, so he hasn't really grown into his tyranny yet.

Question: Smallville's always been into origins.

Blue: They're going to explore his history with Jor-El and explore his time on Krypton. This is where it gets confusing: This is a past version of Zod. He's the younger version. He hasn't blown up Krypton yet. He's not in the Phantom Zone. So all of that is to come, so they can play with a bit of, are they going to change the future? If you had a chance to kill Hitler, would you? That kind of thing.

Question: Do you think Zod could have a good side?

Blue: I don't want him to. If he pretends to have a good side, there's a reason. He's definitely a manipulator. There's that to explore.

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