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ROSEMONT, Ill. -- Kick-Ass continues to live up its name.

Following an enthusiastic reception at Comic-Con International two weeks, Mark Millar showed the same clips of the Kick-Ass movie at his panel at Chicago Comic-Con on Friday.

The crowd wasn't as big as San Diego, but the reception was even more positive, with a large portion of the filled-room giving a standing ovation.

Millar encouraged the crowd to voice their opinions through as many venues as possible as director Matthew Vaughn seeks a distribution deal for the self-produced movie.

"Hopefully we'll have a deal in the next couple of days," Millar said.

Following are highlights:

* Millar provided background on the movie's development and how even though it had "very difficult material," it appealed to Vaughn so much that he decided to make the movie on his own with his own money. "It's totally uncompromised," Millar said.

* Millar said the movie got "a 100 percent approval" in a test screening in London.

* Millar said that the best bits were being saved for the movie and that the clips were from the first third of the film.

* Millar said the first days of shooting was at a London sewage factor and he smelled of excrement for two days.

* "I'm glad you really like it, because we loved it," Millar said of the crowd's reaction. "We had a great time making it and we want to do sequels."

* Chloe Moretz's performance as Hit-Girl continued to get the biggest response.

"She saying the c-word was the big thing the studio she can't say and I can't believe it's in there," Millar said.

* Millar on the casting of Aaron Johnson as Dave Lizewski: "We tried finding Dave for three months, and now I can see why they cast people in their 30s as teenagers. Teenagers aren't charismatic. But then he came long. And I thought hew as American, but he's an English kid doing an America accent."

* Millar on the casting of Moretz: "We looked at a lot of kids -- I know this sounds awful -- we looked at a lot of DVDs of young girls. And then Chloe appears, I was watching at home with online streaming, and it was like watching Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver.

"Nobody could swear like this kid! And she's such a sweet kid."

Millar said Moretz's mother was on the set for her scenes and he apologized for the vulgarity of her character.

"Chloe almost steals the show, but the others are so good," Millar said. "They complement each other beautfully."

* Millar on the Batman-like costume worn by Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy: "One thing you don't think of in a comic is the mask is really hard to act in. Big Daddy just didn't work in real life. So the fact that they dress like Batman and Robin sort of works."

* Millar said he"couldn't be happier" with Wanted -- including the changes from the comic book. "My first (movie) was an Angelina Jolie pictured and it opened some doors, like Wanted 2 and Wanted 3."

* Millar said he conveived Kick-Ass as a trilogy. "But it could go on," he said. "It's got that Spider-Man potential."

* Millar said he has had no censorship from Marvel Comics in publishing the Kick-Ass comic.

* Millar introduced the real Dave Lizewski, who won an auction to have his name used for the Kick-Ass character.

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