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Writer Michael Uslan talks about Archie #600, which reaches stores on August 19 and features the first part of the "Archie Marries Veronica" story arc.  

Question:   The question everyone is asking why Veronica and not Betty?  

Uslan: As a writer I try to reflect real life, and this situation has already happened in real life. Only we don't call it Archie picking Veronica over Betty, we call it Brad picking Angelina over Jenifer.

I think it is also a reflection of the times we are in. With the tough economy I wanted to examine many different situations here, including does someone today still marry for love? Do they marry for money and security? Or do they do what my college roommate's father told him: "Absolutely marry for love, but if she happens to have money, that's not a bad thing." So we use that and explore issues like that over the six-issue story arc.  

Question:   The solicitation talks about Betty's date Henry. Is Archie still dating Betty up to the time Archie proposes to Veronica?  

Uslan: It is still the world of the love triangle up until he makes his choices. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but let me say over the course of the six issues and the 10-page epilogue in Archie #606, it will be like strapping yourself in for a rollercoaster ride.

There are lots of surprises in every issue, and when I say surprises, I don't just mean involving Archie and Veronica. I mean all of Archie's friends, family and teachers. There are many surprises that will delight and shock people. There is one surprise in particular that will shock everybody. It's a real fun ride that I hope everyone will come along with us on.

Henry winds up being the date that Betty needs to bring to the wedding. She is invited as a bride¹s maid plus one, so she needs to bring somebody. For those of you that know the history of Archie, there are two characters in cinema and radio that inspired the creation for Archie, Andy Hardy and Henry Aldridge. This is kind of a tip of the hat to the origins of Archie.  

Question:   What does this do to the dynamics of the relationships between the characters?  

Uslan: It changes everything. When two people make the decision to get married, it changes everything. It changes the lives of their friends and family. It has a butterfly effect, and over these six issues we take a look at how everybody's life is altered by what transpires over the six issues. You get a look to see what the future world is for Jughead, Moose, Dilton, Reggie, Mr. Weatherbee and Miss Grundy. There are going to be a lot of twists, turns and surprises.  

Question:   You are a busy movie producer. What made you want to take time out to write this story?  

Uslan: I have always wanted to write an Archie story. According to my mom, I learned to read at age 3 1/2. I learned to read from comics and the earliest comics I read were Archie, Little Archie and the Harvey Comics, Richie Rich and Casper .

My preconceived notions of what high school would be like some day was from the Archie Comics. This is something that has been a significant part of my life and had an influence on me. It has been on my Bucket List to be honest and I thought it was time to start scratching a few things off. 

I approached Victor Gorelick about writing something significant, something important for Archie. He said "Great, what do you have in mind?" I said, "Archie gets married," and he said "No, seriously." I said ³Yes, Archie gets married.² Victor said "You can't do that." I said ³Why not?² and he couldn't think of a reason. So we sat down and we hatched it out and it has been a terrific, terrific opportunity for me to work with Victor, Fred, Jonathan and the legend of all legends, Stan Goldberg.  

Question:   Now that the love triangle is finally over with, will Archie and Veronica be able to maintain a friendship with Betty?   

Uslan: This is a key issue that is explored over the six issues. When the vast majority of Betty fans scream out at me about Archie marrying Veronica as we approach #600 and 601, I explain to them that I know a lot of people like Betty. I know talented, smart, personable girls, eventually young women who were guys' best friends, did everything, were kind and did everything for everyone and were overlooked as the girl next door, and were passed over in favor of the more exotic beauty that walked on by. I take a look at boys, and I use the word boys, who are in high school and coming to the end of college who really have no concept that the best marriage will come from a relationship with someone you are being best friends with first.

We also have to take a hard look at Betty. She has to really decide some real critical self-esteem, self-confidence issues. Maybe she deserves somebody better. Maybe there is somebody better for her who will appreciate who she is and what she does.  So these are very, very real issues that are dealt with over the six issues. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot of fun and slapstick and craziness, there is. There is tons of fun in this, but we also deal with some real serious issues of relationships.

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