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Written by Geoff Johns, art, cover and variant sketch by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert, variant cover by Rodolfo Migliari.

Who controls death in the DC Universe? Nekron -- Lord of the Undead! The dark being behind the undead Black Lanterns makes his presence and purpose known, and our heroes discover they're not only fighting for their lives, but their after-lives as well.

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Geoff Johns, art and cover by Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy, variant cover by Rags Morales.

Agent Orange and his Orange Lanterns face off against the Black Lantern Corps, and Larfleeze finds himself wanting something he never has before: Help. Meanwhile, Saint Walker comes face-to-face with the one being in the universe he has no patience for -- Sinestro!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Peter J. Tomasi, art and cover by Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman, variant cover by Greg Horn.

Blackest Night intensifies! The Green Lanterns' epic fight to preserve Oa and the Central Power Battery from being consumed by the Black Lanterns continues. While the Corps faces the most desperate moment in its entire history, a new threat materializes that will shake them to their very souls.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Geoff Johns, co-feature written by Johns and Michael Shoemaker, art by Jerry Ordway, co-feature art by Clayton Henry, cover by Ordway and Francis Manapul and a variant cover by Manapul.

The return of Superboy! Superboy-Prime, that is! The grasp of Blackest Night knows no bounds, and it is now at the doorstep of Superboy-Prime. Believe it or not, Prime has met his match. The Black Lanterns know his deepest, darkest secrets and force Prime to feel emotions he's long discarded. Plus, in the Legion of Super-Heroes co-feature, Dawnstar is on the trail of the person -- or people -- who have been causing so much trouble for the Legion. But does she get too close to the truth? Her Legion teammate Wildfire comes to her rescue, but are the duo able to discover just who is behind this villainous plot to destroy the known universe?

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Dan Jurgens and Matthew Sturges, art and cover by Jurgens, Mike Norton and Norm Rapmund, cover by Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.

What's blue and gold and bloody all over? This Blackest Night tie-in issue! Booster Gold's worst fears are realized when Ted Kord comes back as a Black Lantern intent on killing his former best friend. Good thing there's another Blue Beetle around to help...but will Jaime Reyes be too late to save Booster's life?

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Keith Giffen, co-feature written by Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, art by Justiniano and Livesay, co-feature art by Kevin Maguire, cover by Justiniano and Andrew Mangum.

When Blackest Night falls, skeletons start coming out of the closets -- and no one has more skeletons in his closet than Niles Caulder, founder of the Doom Patrol. Caulder has been playing god for years, and the time for a reckoning has come. The Doom Patrol thought they knew darkness. Find out how wrong they were in this Blackest Night tie-in issue!

Meanwhile, in the Metal Men co-feature, trendy meets grotesque when the robots battle a group of living mannequins.

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by James Robinson, art and cover by Mark Bagley.

The Blackest Night darkens the skies over the Justice League in this important tie-in issue! Can the team get it together in time to survive the return of the undead Dr. Light? Or will his now-shadowy evil strangle everybody where they stand?

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written, art and cover by Scott Kolins.

The Blackest Night blankets the world of Superman and Batman yet again! But this time it's not what you think! Get ready for a team-up of epic proportions as Bizarro and Man-Bat face down the undead power of Black Lantern Solomon Grundy!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #10

Written by Tony Bedard, art by Andy Clarke, cover by Kalman Andrasofzsky.

It's an oversized Blackest Night tie-in issue as the Black Lanterns fight the Sinestro Corps with the R.E.B.E.L.S. caught in the middle! While super-jerk Vril Dox and his team of renegades plot to stop Starro the Conqueror's rampage, they're forced to confront this major battle raging in space! Dox is in trouble, too, because these particular Black Lanterns wanted to kill him when they were alive!

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by J.T. Krul, co-feature written by Sean McKeever, art by Joe Bennett and Jack Jadson, co-feature art by Yildiray Cinar and Júlio Ferreira, cover by Bennett and Jadson.

It's a return of the teenage dead in this Blackest Night tie-in issue! There's certainly no shortage of dead Teen Titans, so when the Black Lanterns come a-calling, old teammates return with a vengeance! It's a Titan's worst nightmare come true!

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Peter J. Tomasi, art by Fernando Pasarin and Jay Leisten, cover by Tom Mandrake.

Spinning out of Blackest Night: Titans, the dead rise to dine on the flesh of the living! It's brother vs. undead sister when Black Lantern Terra comes to claim the still-beating hearts of Geo-Force and the rest of the Outsiders!

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 18.

Watchmen Masks



Written by Fabian Nicieza, art by Ramon Bachs and John Stanisci, cover by Jock.

The White Ghost presents a trial to the new Azrael: save an Angel or condemn a Devil! While it may sound like a simple choice, Azrael has to decide if the perceived saint is a sinner or if the sinner is an innocent man. And what if the architect of the experiment, Ra's al Ghul, is secretly testing all those involved to see who can best serve as his ultimate Dark Knight?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by David Hine, art by Jeremy Haun, cover by Frazer Irving.

Jeremiah Arkham's dream for a new asylum is rapidly turning into a nightmare as he is forced to call in Batman to put down a riot. But who or what is behind the sabotage? Is it possible that the asylum itself is inflicting its own retribution on the inmates?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Bryan Q. Miller, art by Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott, cover by Phil Noto.

It's Batgirl's first night on the job, and as she'll soon learn, it takes a lot more to wear the mantle of the Bat than she originally thought -- especially when she has to juggle patrol, the police and a frat party!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Grant Morrison, art and variant cover by Philip Tan and Jonathan Glapion, cover by Frank Quitely.

In the startling conclusion to "The Revenge of the Red Hood," Gotham's new "protector" reveals his identity to Batman ­ and surprisingly poses a heart-stopping question to Dick Grayson about the future of Bruce Wayne! Plus, Robin at the mercy of Scarlet!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Tony Daniel, art by Daniel and Sandu Florea, cover by Daneil.

Pandemonium breaks out at the inaugural ceremony of the new Arkham Asylum. Will the combined forces of Oracle, Huntress and Catwoman be enough help for Batman? Plus, the debuts of both the Gotham Shield Committee and Black Mask's Ministry of Death!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Greg Rucka, art by J.H. Williams, co-feature art by Cully Hamner, cover by Williams, variant cover by Jock.

Batwoman's origin continues! In "Go!" part 2, Kate Kane is outed and forced to leave West Point. When she lands in Gotham City, she meets officer Renee Montoya and has a fateful encounter with The Dark Knight that will forever change her life!

The case may be closed closed, but questions remain in The Question's co-feature. And Renee won't stop until she has the answers! When a new lead points to the Sicilian mafia, The Question turns to an expert for assistance. But can she trust the Huntress to be professional when family rears its ugly head?

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Chris Yost, co-feature written by Marc Andreyko, art by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, co-feature art by Jeremy Haun, cover by Nguyen.

Huntress and Man-Bat are held captive by a priest driven to the edge of sanity by Gotham City itself! It's everything Huntress can do to keep the madman from killing them both, because that's exactly what he believes the voice of God is telling him to do in the conclusion of the 2-part "Leviathan."

And in the Manhunter co-feature, Kate's hot on the trail of Two-Face, but her dear old friend Dylan is caught right in the middle. Can she apprehend Two-Face before Dylan gets caught in the crossfire? And what exactly is Dylan up to?

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Doug Moench, art and cover by Kelley Jones.

The Invisible Man has gone on a killing spree, and only The Dark Knight can hope to end his reign of terror in issues #3 and #4 of this 5-issue miniseries. But how can Batman stop a man he can't see? And what is the Invisible Man's ultimate goal? Be here to find out as The Caped Crusader finally deduces the identity of the Invisible Man and the villain's next victim: Bruce Wayne!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4 and Nov. 18.


Written by Paul Dini, art and cover by Guillem March.

Now that Mr. J's secret is out in the open, will the girls' reaction take them to the point of no return? And will Harley Quinn ever be the same?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Royal McGraw, art and covers by Marcos Marz.

A new arc titled "Blackhawk Down" begins with a bang as Wayne Industries collaborator Blackhawk Industries has valuable information stolen right under Batman's nose! An investigation leads him to Poland and a giant robot, but The Dark Knight will have to enlist the help of Lady Blackhawk to solve the case.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4 and Nov. 18.


Written by Christopher Yost, art by Marcus To, cover by To and Ray McCarthy.

All across Europe, the hunt is on as Red Robin and the League of Assassins go after the Council of Spiders. But why is Tim Drake working with Ra's al Ghul? It's Red Robin versus the assassin-killer known as Recluse, while Tam Fox finds herself the prisoner of the White Ghost. Back in Gotham City, trouble by the name of Vicki Vale threatens everything Bruce Wayne built as Batman. To debuts as new regular artist as "Council of Spiders" continues!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.

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Written by Greg Rucka, co-feature written by James Robinson and Rucka, art by Pere Perez, co-feature art and cover by Cafu.

Since "Codename: Patriot," Earth's hatred for Kryptonians has only escalated ­ which is what makes it so odd that Nightwing and Flamebird pick now to become public Super Heroes! Meanwhile, Lois Lane finally meets with the man she thought long dead ­ her father, General Lane. But he has a message to deliver to his journalist daughter: "You're either with us or against us."

And in part 5 of the new co-feature, Captain Atom, now back on Earth and knowing the truth about his mission, must face an old foe ­ his archenemy, Major Disaster!

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by James Robinson, art by Fernando Dagnino and Raul Fernandez, cover by Cafu.

Kicking off a new 5-issue storyline that will rocket readers all the way to the monumental SUPERMAN #700! Mon-El makes his triumphant return to Metropolis with a new look and a determined manner just in time to combat the unstoppable fury of Bizarro. But with his powers phasing in and out, will the new Mon-El be able to save his city even with the help of the Guardian and Metropolis's Science Police?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Geoff Johns, art by Gary Frank and Jon Sibal, covers by Frank.

So long, Smallville; hello, Metropolis! Explore a very different Metropolis from the one we currently know ­ one that has yet to experience life with Superman as its protector. Witness the transformative power one person can have on a city as young Clark Kent joins The Daily Planet, and Superman takes to the skies and gives everyone a reason to look up. Over the years, Superman has come to mean everything to Metropolis, but be here to learn why Metropolis means everything to Superman!

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Greg Rucka and James Robinson, art by Pete Woods, cover by Gary Frank, variant cover by Mark Buckingham.

Humans and Kryptonians are the only two races in our solar system, right? Wrong! Jemm, Son of Saturn, ruler of the super-powered Saturnian race, arrives in Kandor demanding answers to New Krypton's recent actions ­ answers he intends to get even if he has to fight his way through Commander Kal-El and the entire Kryptonian army!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Sterling Gates, art by Jamal Igle and Jon Sibal, cover by Joshua Middleton.

Supergirl has finally brought Reactron back to New Krypton so he can be held accountable for murdering her father, Zor-El. While the debate about what to do with him rages among the people of New Krypton, the planet's ruler ­ and Supergirl's mother ­ remains unsure. Should Alura have Reactron executed? And will Supergirl allow it to happen if her mother decides to go that route?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Sterling Gates, art by Fernando Dagnino, covers by Phil Noto.

Following a trail of experimental equipment that was stolen from WayneTech, the new Robin finds himself in Metropolis and face-to-face with the straight-laced Guardian. But when Parasite and Mr. Freeze appear, the two heroes will have to band together to capture the villains and retrieve the missing tech. What are the villains really after, though, and who is pulling their strings?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.



Written by Brian Azzarello, art by Phil Noto, sketchbkk material and variant cover by Rags Morales, cover by JG Jones.

Doc Savage returns to DC Comics...and comes face-to-fist with the Batman! Azzarello and Noto combine to shine the first light on a shadowy new version of the DC Universe, where the thugs run rampant, corruption runs deep, and even heroes can't be trusted! Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze, hates what he's heard about the connections between a grisly murder and Gotham City's violent new vigilante. But the Batman can't abide do-gooders getting in his way...and his .45 just won't stay in its holster! p> Be here for this vital prologue to an upcoming 6-issue miniseries by Azzarello and Morales, which will pull back the curtain to reveal the full width and breadth of DC's new pulp-influenced universe. This special issue also features sketchbook material by Morales that will show you just what you're in for!

56 pages, $4.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by J. Michael Straczynski, art and cover by Jesus Saiz.

A thing that lives...and fights for its soul! The shambling walking doll that is Brother Power, the Geek has been reborn in Gotham City without a home or purpose! Could destiny have something in store for this seemingly lost relic? And why does his appearance cut into Batman's

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Tony Bedard, art by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens, cover by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau.

Part 1 of a 10-part mini-series! At the dawn of the Chinese Century, the 10 official "super-functionaries" of the People's Republic face their greatest challenge as the gods of Ancient China return to destroy communist rule! Will the most populous nation on Earth drag the rest of the world down with it? Do its heroes even want to save a government that treats them like pawns? A tale that redraws the map of the DCU and fleshes out the most exciting and mysterious new characters from the mind of Grant Morrison!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Andrew Kreisberg, art by Renato Guedes, Jose Wilson Magalhaes, Mike Norton and Bill Sienkiewicz, cover by Ladronn.

Black Canary squares off against Cupid and her new partner (Green Arrow?) in the lead story this month! Meanwhile in this issue's co-feature, Green Arrow teams up with Black Canary against Cupid and...Green Arrow?

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, art and cover by Cristiano Cucina.

"Six Gun War" part 6 of 6! After five months of brutal Hex action, things only get worse for our Western hero as he finally comes face-to-face with his archnemesis, Quentin Turnbull. Bullets will be fired, blood will be spilled, and not everyone is going to make it out alive.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by James Robinson, art and cover Mauro Cascioli.

Supergirl and Shazam join the team as Prometheus is finally captured! His evil machinations are revealed, but even so, the League may be unable to stop the villain's disturbing plans as he cuts down one of the members!

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges, art and cover by Jesus Merino.

The traitor stands revealed, and his part in the destruction of the Justice Society of America is complete. While the team's headquarters lies in ruin, the same fate has befallen the team itself! Hold on to your seats, because the JSA as we've known it is torn asunder!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Zander Cannon, Kevin Grevioux, Felicia D. Henderson, Jen Van Meter, Jerry Ordway, James Robinson and Matthew Sturges, art by Roberto Castro / John Floyd, Neil Edwards / Wayne Faucher, Renato Guedes / Jose Wilson Magalhaes, Jesus Merino, Jerry Ordway, Freddie Williams II and others, cover by Ordway.

The newer members of the JSA explore the team's mansion headquarters and learn a thing or two about themselves in seve exciting stories from today's top creators in this oversized special! But who directs the group through the deep, dark halls of building? Is it a friend, or a very dangerous foe?

80 pages, $5.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Eric Trautmann, art by Don Kramer and Michael Babinski, cover by Gene Ha.

It all ends here! Now that the Kobra's lair has been razed by the Justice Society, Jason Burr's plans should fall to pieces. But the terrorist leader has more than one plan at work, and the JSA won't be able to stop them all once they're put in motion! It's old dogs vs. new tricks in one final gambit!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Scott Ian, art and cover by Sam Kieth.

A Lobo story like nothing you've seen before! You can imagine that when you live life the way the Main Man lives life -- loud, loose, and ludicrously violent -- you might pick up an enemy or two along the way. An enemy like, say, oh I don't know, Satan himself. And Satan does not play around. Hell's iron-fisted ruler has a serious mad-on for the last Czarnian, and he's gonna hit Lobo right in his blackened, scabrous heart. So Lobo's just gonna have to hit him harder. Repeatedly. In the face. But first, Lobo has to go to Hell...a little sooner than anticipated!

Metal icon Scott Ian of Anthrax makes his comics debut, joining forces with visionary creator Sam Kieth to bring you a Lobo story that's so over the top, you won't even remember what the top used to look like! Bleeding dolphins, demonic Chihuahuas, the world's worst cruise ship, exploding moons, severed heads, and still more sick fraggin' stuff all await you on the Highway to Hell!

64 pages, $6.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Keith Giffen, art by Howard Porter and John Dell, cover by Glenn Fabry.

Sometimes powers are as much a curse as they are a blessing. Magog learns that lesson firsthand when the minions of Miasma assault his enhanced senses. Thank Gog he finds himself "rescued" by hi-tech-clad members of the mysterious Flashpoint! But it could be out of the sewer and further into hell for the pseudo-god hero!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Peter J. Tomasi and Keith Champagne, art by Chris Samnee, cover by Dave Johnson.

Game time! Alpha One has revealed his secrets to Gabriel Cole. But in the process, has the superhuman regained Cole's trust ­ or sealed his own fate? There's one more shock hidden in Alpha's lair, and its effects on Cole are about to be... unpredictable!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Kevin VanHook, art by Jose Luis and J.P. Mayer, cover by Ed Benes and Mayer.

The dysfunctional family reunion continues for Red Tornado as we introduce Red Inferno! Can he survive working with his "sister" Red Torpedo long enough to find their deadly elemental brothers? Or are these four siblings doomed to be destroyed before they learn the real truth behind their existence?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by John Ostrander, art by J. Calafiore, cover by Daniel Lu Visi.

Deadshot takes center stage! He's always been a killer, but now the urge to kill everyone is threatening to take him over completely. Can the mercenary pull himself out of these murderous depths? Or will he drown in the murky waters of his own addiction to death? Guest-written by John Ostrander, whose run on Suicide Squad helped define Deadshot.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Eric Trautmann, co-feature written by Brandon Jerwa, art by Marco Rudy and Mick Gray, co-feature art by Greg Scott, cover by Francis Manapul.

The Shield is due to conclude his first mission, but he may not get out alive! "Backed up" by fellow former soldier Magog and facing the evil behind the mind-grabbing evil known as the Brain Emperor, The Shield better catch his bearings fast if he plans on surviving his third issue! Meanwhile, Inferno keeps blazing a trail wherever he goes, no matter how hard he tries to stay invisible.

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by J.T. Krul, art by Angel Unzueta and Wayne Faucher, cover by Unzueta.

It's not easy being a dad in the DCU ­ just ask Roy Harper, who never wants to leave his daughter Lian an orphan. Unfortunately, that choice may not be his to make...

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Marv Wolfman, art and cover by Rick Leonardi and John Stanisci.

The Vigilante aims to settle the score with the mob by going after the big boss. But this boss just so happens to be his father-in-law! Family matters turn into grave matters, and blood will run for the Vigilante in this, the final issue of the series!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written, art and cover by Mike Grell.

Grell picks up the pencil again for the dazzling 2-part conclusion of "The Forgotten"! Under siege by the Beast-men and the remains of the Golden God's army, Travis Morgan thought he was defending an innocent girl... but in truth, his sword serves a power he never expected!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Angela Robinson, co-feature written by John Rozum, art by Roger Robinson and Hilary Barta, co-feature art by Tom Derenick and Bill Sienkiewicz, cover by Stanley Lau.

The all-new Batgirl drops by to have a talk with the Web as he recklessly continues to rewrite the rules of superheroics! And she's not shy about introducing herself! Plus, the Hangman investigates Japantown's underworld only to encounter the mysterious creature known as the Yokai!

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Gail Simone, art by Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan, cover by Lopresti.

Wonder Woman's world is turned upside-down as she finds herself branded a criminal by her own people! Plus, who are the Crows, and what awful secret do they carry that will affect Diana forever?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.

The Watchmen



Written by Fabian Nicieza, art and cover by Kevin Maguire.

Two of Gotham City's top females cross paths in this wild adventure collected from Batman Confidential #17-21! When they cross paths over Commissioner Gordon's stolen notebook, it's an all-out chase that takes both to some very unexpected corners of the city.

128 pages, $12.99, in stores on Dec. 2.


Written by Tony Bedard and Mike W. Barr, art by Rags Morales, Michael Golden and others, cover by Morales.

The Wrath returns from the shadows of the past in this new collection featuring Batman Confidential #13-16 and 1984's Batman Special #1, which introduced The Wrath! But how does this mysterious foe know so much about Batman's past?

144 pages, $17.99, in stores on Dec. 23.


Written by Jim Starlin, art and cover by Bernie Wrightson.

A new printing of the classic Batman tale collecting the 4-issue miniseries from 1989. Deacon Blackfire, a charismatic shaman with roots as old as Gotham City itself, has amassed the city's homeless into an army, one he seemingly uses to fight crime. But Blackfire has a hidden agenda!

208 pages, $19.99, in stores on Dec. 9.


Written by Geoff Johns, art by Ethan Van Sciver, Darwyn Cooke, Prentis Rollins, Marlo Alquiza and Mick Gray, cover by Van Sciver.

In 2004, writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver restored Hal Jordan to his place as the greatest Green Lantern of all with the best-selling miniseries Green Lantern: Rebirth! Now, DC Comics presents this favorite in the slipcased, Absolute format.

Follow Hal Jordan on his journey from fearless test pilot to Super Hero, from villain to the spirit of vengeance, and finally, returning to his true calling as Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. This amazing Absolute edition includes Green Lantern: Rebirth #1-6, Green Lantern #1, the preview story from Wizard Magazine and a tale from Green Lantern Secret Files 2005 featuring artwork by Darwyn Cooke.

224 pages, $75, in stores on April 21.


Written by Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz, art and cover by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.

In this second Booster Gold volume, now in paperback and featuring issues #0, 7-10 and 1 Million, Booster travels through time to save Blue Beetle from being murdered. But the resulting change to the time stream creates a wormhole of problems for the two heroes and some unpredictable consequences.

160 pages, $14.99, in stores on Dec. 9.


Written by Andrew Kreisberg, art by Mike Norton and Joe Rubinstein, cover by Ladronn.

The adventures of comicdom's most tempestuous couple continue in this new volume collecting issues #15-20 of their monthly series! A new villain gives Oliver Queen reason to reflect on how much his life has changed since he married Dinah Lance -- but Black Canary doesn't have time to contemplate since she's busy battling Cupid!

144 pages, $17.99, in stores on Dec. 16.


Written by John Broome, art by Gil Kane, Murphy Anderson, Mike Sekowsky, Ross Andru and others, cover by Gil Kane and Joe Giella.

The second volume collecting Green Lantern's original Silver Age adventures is here! Drawn from Green Lantern #4-9, Hal Jordan battles the Weaponers of Qward, Sinestro, Hector Hammond and others, and introduces fellow Lantern Tomar Re!

160 pages, $14.99, in stores on Dec. 23.


Written by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn, art by Barry Kitson and Michael Bair, cover by Kitson.

The definitive tale of the JLA's formation is back in a new printing of the massive book starring The Flash, Green Lantern, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman. Collecting the entire, original 12-issue mini-series!

320 pages, $19.99, in stores on Dec. 9.


Written by Peter J. Tomasi and Keith Champagne, art by Peter Snejbjerg and Chris Samnee, cover by Dave Johnson.

America's only Super Hero, Alpha One, is introduced in this first collection featuring issues #1-6 of the intriguing new series The Mighty. But when murder strikes at the top of Alpha's crimefighting organization, the life of one of its members will change forever.

144 pages, $17.99, in stores on Dec. 23.


Written by Jim Starlin, art by Ron Lim, Rick Leonardi and others, cover by Jim Starlin.

DC's cosmic heroes soar into action again as the nefarious Lady Styx continues her galactic quest to add every being in the universe to her congregation! It's up to Adam Strange, Hawkman, Captain Comet and others to stop her plans in this volume collecting Rann/Thanagar: Holy War #5-8 and Adam Strange Special #1.

168 pages, $19.99, in stores on Dec. 2.


Written by Robert Kanigher, art and cover by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito.

Wonder Woman's Silver Age adventures continue in this value-priced collection of issues #138-156. Featuring the amazing Amazon's battles with The Angle Man, The Phantom Sea-Beast, The Brain Pirate and many more.

496 pages, black and white, $17.99.


Written by Steve Niles, art and cover by Scott Hampton.

The saga of Simon Dark reaches its dramatic conclusion in this new volume collecting issues #13-18, as Gotham City's strangest hero tours the netherworld known as the In-Between and gets a peek behind the curtain into another world.

144 pages, $17.99, in stores on Dec. 16.


Written by Sean McKeever and Marv Wolfman, art by Fernando Dagnino, Joe Bennett, Rick Leonardi and others, cover by Andrew Robinson.

The Teen Titans join forces with The Titans and The Vigilante in this new title collecting the "Deathtrap" storyline from Teen Titans Annual 2009, Titans #12 and 13, Teen Titans #70 and Vigilante #5 and 6.

192 pages, $14.99, in stores on Dec. 2.


Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, art and cover by Phil Noto.

The 5-issue miniseries that pitted Superman and Supergirl against Maelstrom, the would-be bride of Darkseid, is collected! It's a battle that ranges from Metropolis to Apokolips and beyond !

128 pages, $12.99, in stores on Dec. 9.


Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, art by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, cover by Conner.

The mini-series from the hit creative team behind the new Power Girl monthly is collected. Don't miss the fast-paced adventure from Terra's 4-issue miniseries -- also including Supergirl #12!

128 pages, $14.99, in stores on Dec. 9.


Written by G. Willow Wilson, art by Cafu, cover by Joshua Middleton.

A Justice Leaguer rediscovers her own heritage in this collection of the 5-issue Vixen minseries. When the JLA discovers a startling truth about the death of Vixen's mother, it sets her on the road back to her homeland to confront her own past.

128 pages, $17.99, in stores on Dec. 16.



Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, art by Drew Johnson / Ray Snyder and Simon Coleby / Cliff Rathburn, cover by Coleby.

Following Kaizen Gamorra's successful surprise attack on the Carrier, the team regroups for a counterstrike. Can Swift, Jack and the Engineer overthrow an army of super beings? And the Midnighter makes an earth-shattering discovery in Northern England...

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Grant Morrison, art and cover by Gene Ha.

It's here: the perfect reintroduction to The Authority by Grant Morrison and Gene Ha! The Carrier is dead, leaving The Authority stuck on an Earth in a reality they don't recognize. Their powers barely work, and to add insult to injury, in this universe, they're not only unknown to the population, they're -- horror of horrors -- comic book characters.

Collecting issues #1 and #2 by Morrison and Ha, this is the vital jumping-on point before Keith Giffen and Darick Robertson begin completing the 12-issue story in this month's The Authority: The Lost Year #3.

48 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Keith Giffen, art by Darick Robertson and Trevor Scott, cover by Gene Ha.

The long-lost Authority series is being completed! Plotted by Grant Morrison and Keith Giffen and scripted by Giffen, this 12-issue, monthly maxi-series will fill in the gaps and explain where The Authority was just before "World's End," how they escaped from a horrifying alternate reality, and at what cost.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Brian K. Vaughan, art by Tony Harris, Jim Clark and John Paul Leon, cover by Harris.

In this latest Ex Machina volume, a new masked adventurer is thrilling New York City but threatens to derail the upcoming Republican National Convention ‹ and the political future of superhero-turned-mayor Mitchell Hundred hangs in the balance. This new collection of the Eisner Award-winning series features issues #35-39 and the Ex Machina Halloween Special.

160 pages, $12.99, in stores on Dec. 9.


Written by David Lapham, art by Kevin West, cover by Federico Dallocchio, variant cover features video game art.

In anticipation of the sequel to the groundbreaking game, WildStorm brings a no-holds-barred, brutal tale of the mysterious Task Force 141 soldier known as "Ghost." Learning the motivation behind his mask and moniker is the tip of the iceberg in a story spanning the globe from the United Kingdom to war-torn Afghanistan to the drug war in Mexico.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Jeff Katz and James Kuhoric, art by Jason Craig, cover by Jock.

As the bloody end nears, Ash must lead his remaining forces against the amassed titans of terror. Washington has been leveled, and the odds are stacked against the motley crew of survivors. The vicious battles that end this series are legendary ­ Tommy Jarvis vs. Jason Voorhees, Ash Williams vs. Freddy Krueger, and even the army of the dead against the ghosts of victims past!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Mike Johnson, Alex Katsnelson, Matthew Pitts and Danielle DiSpaltro, art by Tom Mandrake and Simon Coleby.

The show from J.J. Abrams comes to comics in this collection of the 6-issue mini-series! FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, brilliant scientist Walter Bishop and his estranged son Peter investigate the world of "fringe science" (telepathy, time travel, etc.) following suspicions that the large scientific research company, Massive Dynamic, is experimenting on the general public.

144 pages, $19.99, in stores on Dec. 16.


Written by Marv Wolfman, art by Jon Bosco, cover by Andy Park.

The adventures of Kratos continue! The Gods have chosen human champions and set them up to battle each other to the death! Kratos, the champion of Ares, is now a young captain in the Spartan army, and he leads his men on a quest from which they'll likely not return ­ a quest that takes them across the Aegean Sea to battle Poseidon's deadly underwater monsters! Continuing the further adventures of the star of the hit Sony videogame franchise!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Rhianna Pratchett, art by Matthew Dow Smith, cover by Niko Henrichon.

The 6-issue miniseries based on the Electronic Arts video game is collected! Faith is a Runner in the city -- a courier who delivers sensitive cargo by traversing the rooftops of the city's skyscrapers. But how did she come by this unique trade...and what secrets from her past may affect her future?

144 pages, $19.99, in stores on Dec. 2.

NORTH 40 #5

Written by Aaron Williams, art and cover by Fiona Staples.

Deep within the public library where all the mayhem began, something is stirring. Survivors missing since the crisis started are crawling from the depths, speaking a new language and preparing human sacrifices. Meanwhile, the mayor's son, placed in a near-undead coma by a walking corpse, has returned...and now he wants revenge.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by David Tischman, art by Philip Bond and David Hahn, cover by Bond.

Page 1 starts with a bang as Red Herring shows his true colors (with extra flair) and the MacGuffin makes some hard choices. In other news, The MSM breathes down Damorge Channel's neck, but he's still thinking about how Maggie blew in his ear. Meyer Weiner and Penny Candy play house (blindfolds not included).

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Rick Sanchez, art by Jheremy Raapack and Al Barrionuevo, cover by Kevin Sharpe and Jim Clark.

Videogame industry writer Ricardo Sanchez brings the bio-weapons of Resident Evil to the jungles of South America! Follow two agents as they unravel the connections between a Space Station, a telepathic G-Virus and Geisel Industries.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Simon Furman, art by Federico Dallocchio and Carlos D'Anda, cover by Dallocchio.

The end of the first War Pigs arc looms, but who -- if anyone -- will still be standing when the dust settles on the doomed, zerg-infested, protoss-purged world of Urona Sigma? Embittered, vengeful Cerberus C.O. Lars Trakken is hell bent on payback, even in the face of impending Armageddon.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Ian Edginton, art by Leandro Fernandez and Francisco Paronzini, cover by Fernandez.

The long lost Kheran ship known as the Red Blade is back and with it comes a mandate to dominate all of Earth. Lucky for Earth, Jackson King and his Stormwatch team stand in their way...even if they won't be standing for long.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Ian Edginton, art by Davide Fabbri, cover by Tony Moore, variant cover by Simon Coleby.

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." Those are the words of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the world's first consulting detective, yet even he finds his skills tested to their limit as he and his erstwhile comrade Dr. John Watson are confronted with the most extraordinary case of their career ­ the dead are returning to life! Can a plague of Biblical proportions be far behind for Victorian London? And who ­ or what ­ is behind the resurrection of these ravenous revenants?

The first chapter in a new 6-issue Sherlock Holmes adventure!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Christos Gage, art by Shawn Moll and Drew Geraci, cover by Ryan Sook.

The team makes a last-ditch gambit against TAO hoping their combined power can overcome the god TAO is becoming. Will it backfire? Can Max Faraday finally reach his ultimate potential? And will either outcome help the Wildcats or their devastated world?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Walter Simonson and Louise Simonson, art and cover Mike by Bowden and Tony Washington.

The bonus-sized epic final showdown! Will Med'an and the newly formed Council of Tirisfal vanquish the evil Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer? Will the unlikely union of Horde and Alliance be torn asunder?

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on Nov. 18.

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AIR #15

Written by G. Willow Wilson, art and cover by M.K. Perker.

When Blythe arrives in Amsterdam in critical condition, it's up to Amelia to help save her. Determined to find Zayn and force him to man up, Amelia criss-crosses the globe ­ and the memories of her past.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Jason Starr, art by Mick Bertilorenzi, cover by Lee Bermejo.

It's summer in New York, but a "chill" has settled over the city ­ a serial killer is on the loose, and the ritualized murders are becoming increasingly sadistic. The NYPD and the FBI have a suspect: a gorgeous young woman named Arlana. The only problem is that every witness provides a different description of her. None of it makes any sense to anyone except Martin Cleary, a beaten-down Irish cop from Boston with a whopper of a secret in his past ­ and a past that may go back a century or two . . .

192 pages, black and white, $19.99, in stores on Jan. 6.


Written by Chris Roberson, art by Shawn McManus, cover by Chrissie Zullo.

When supernatural artifacts from the Homelands begin surfacing in the modern world, it falls to Cinderella, Fabletown's best kept (and best dressed) secret agent to stop the illegal trafficking. But can Cindy foil the dark plot before Fabletown and its hidden, exiled inhabitants are exposed once and for all? And how does her long lost Fairy Godmother factor into the equation?

Whether she's soaring through clouds, deep-sea diving, or cracking jaws, Cindy travels from Manhattan to Dubai and hooks up with a handsome, familiar accomplice who may be harboring secret motives of his own. Meanwhile, trouble brews back home in Fabletown when Cindy's overworked, underappreciated assistant decides to seize control of The Glass Slipper, Cindy's exclusive shoe boutique.

32 pages, $2.99.

DMZ #47

Written by Brian Wood, art by Riccardo Burchielli, cover by John Paul Leon.

"Hearts and Minds" part 3 of 5! The past comes back to haunt Matty in the form of both family and friends. To blow off some steam, he goes after a Trustwell sleeper cell. Of course, this is not Matty Roth, "naive observer." And while Zee never liked that Matty so much, what would she make of him now?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Bill Willingham, art by Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha, cover by Joao Ruas.

"Witches" Part 4! We continue our in-depth look at the inner workings, politics and intrigue of the 13th floor sorcerers group, this time focusing on the witch named (CENSORED for reader safety), who thinks she's the best candidate to take over leadership from Frau Totenkinder. Unfortunately for her, the infamous Black Forest Witch doesn't seem ready to give up the reins of power. As Maddy the Cat said just two issues back, "Everyone could see there was a showdown brewing between those two, and I've no intention of finding myself in the middle of it when it happens."

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Peter Milligan, art by Davide Gianfelice, cover by Jock.

In the shattering conclusion to "Blood Calls for Blood," our runaway hero Eddie finally comes face-to-face with Sandy and wonders (like the rest of us), can she really see the future or is she just crazy? One member of the cast may have to die for that question to be answered...

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Peter Milligan, art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini, cover by Simon Bisley.

England's favorite low-rent mage skips town to avoid incarceration and heads to India. But Constantine's quest for purity in an attempt to resurrect the love of his life is quickly interrupted when an ex-pat friend gets him mired in a series of grisly murders. An incredible clash of old and new cultures sets the stage for Constantine as he mingles with street kids, billionaires and Bollywood. But can he pay the price for enlightenment without losing his sanity?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Matthew Sturges, art by Luca Rossi and Antonio Fuso, cover by Esao Andrews.

Part 4 of "The Beauty of Decay." Death rules the City in the Space Between, and as the body count rises, mad ghosts learn to do more than haunt. Will Fig and Peter find a way out? And to make matters even worse, the House of Mystery's previous owner has returned to reclaim what's his. Plus, in the short story "House and Home," illustrated by Antonio Fuso, we learn exactly what Cain has been up to for the past seven years.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham, art by Russ Braun and Andrew Pepoy, cover by Brian Bolland.

Winding up our "Adventures of Jack and Jack" story, Jack Frost continues to learn the hero trade while Jack Horner finally learns why he's been getting so fat and ugly. Weirdly enough, that's all we can possibly tell you about this issue and still retain some bit of surprise. Of course we could lie and promise a few things that aren't actually in this story. We've done that often enough before. But after a while, the lies and misdirection and carefully constructed half-truths begin to weary a man's soul. Let's just say that by the end of this issue, both Jacks get what's coming to them.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Matt Wagner, art and cover by Amy Reeder Hadley and Richard Friend.

Chasing down a mystery that haunts Manhattan socialites, Madame Xanadu discovers that she is in fact the center of their creepy plot. And if that'snot enough, she's being tailed by a shadowy detective who just might be out of this world.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Brian Wood, art by Leandro Fernandez, cover by Massimo Carnevale.

"The Plague Widow" part 2 of 8. It's A.D. 1020 on the Volga river, and a Viking city has just sealed itself off against an unknown contagion. Hilda, newly widowed and trying to care for her young daughter, struggles to survive in a community rife with paranoia, thievery, violence and xenophobia. When she is called upon to "donate" her own supply of food to the corrupt local militia leader, she commits an act of defiance that may get her killed.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Jason Aaron, art by RM Guera, cover by Jock.

"The Gnawing" reaches its gut-wrenching conclusion, and you'd best believe there will be blood. But whose? The Hmong gangsters who've stormed the rez ready for war? Chief Red Crow, who's backed himself into the deadliest of corners? Officer Falls Down, who's hot on the trail of a killer? Or Dashiell Bad Horse, whose life will be forever changed no matter what happens?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written, art and cover by Jeff Lemire.

Hunters, cultists, mutants and shantytown pimps all want a piece of Gus, the boy with deer antlers. All that stands between them and him is Jepperd, a killer from the apocalyptic wasteland with motivations of his own. As Gus goes out into what's left of the world, he'll find out that no one is quite what they seem.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Warren Ellis, art by Darick Robertson and Rodney Ramos, cover by Jim Lee.

Continuing the acclaimed tale of the day-to-day trials and tribulations of Spider Jerusalem, this new printing of volume five, collecting issues #25-30, has the no-holds-barred investigative reporter delving into the city's police corruption.

144 pages, $14.99, in stores on Dec. 2.


Written by Joshua Dysart, art by Pat Masioni, cover by Dave Johnson.

With the most intense patch of war zone behind him, Moses surrenders himself to an ancient Acholi ritual in hopes of chasing away the ghosts of those he's killed. But will the ceremony cause him to lose more than just his inner demons? Featuring art by Congolese artist Pat Masioni!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Mike Carey, art by Peter Gross, cover by Yuko Shimizu.

In Donostia Prison, Tom Taylor confronts a monster and the mystery of his own nature. But the hidden cabal that framed Tom in the first place is now working towards his death -- and they've got the help of an inside man...

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.

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Written by J. Torres, art by Carlo Barberi, cover by Scott Jeralds.

The return of the Terrible Trio! Batman must team up with Green Arrow to stop the Fearsome Fangs from obtaining a secret weapon that would give them ultimate power!

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Art Baltazar and Franco, art and cover by Byron Vaughns.

As Captain Marvel struggles to keep his power under control, a new, dangerous enemy enters the scene and takes Mary Marvel out of the picture. Will our favorite Captain succeed in this new adventure all alone?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Matthew Lehosit and Merrill Hagan, art by Min S. Ku, Mike Cavallaro and Mike DeCarlo, cover by Ku.

A special prequel issue to the live action movie, Ben 10 Alien Swarm! See Ben's grandpa Max in action as one of the greatest plumbers the universe had ever seen. Discover Elena's big secrets. And finally, Kevin gets wind of some black market alien tech being sold.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Scott Cunningham and others, art by Dave Santana, David Alvarez and Mike DeCarlo, cover by Scott Gross.

Bugs Bunny teaches Elmer Fudd how to put the fun back into dentistry! It's laughter without the gas!

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Paul Kupperberg and Frank Strom, art by Roberto Barrios, Horacio Ottolini, Robert Pope and Scott McRae, cover by Vincent Deporter.

When the gang visits a town where black cats are bringing bad luck to everyone, the trail leads to Katz Manor, home of an eccentric, recently deceased old lady who left her fortune to her cats!

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Sholly Fisch, art by Stewart McKenny and Dan Davis, cover by J. Bone.

Once upon a time...the Queen of Fables trapped the Super Friends! Can they win the day ­ or will there be no happy ending?

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Landry Q. Walker, art and cover by Eric Jones.

It's an all-ages extravaganza as young Supergirl meets Belinda Zee, a new junior high adversary, in this title collecting the 6-issue mini-series. And that's just the start of the fun that includes super-powered pets and cosmic adventure!

144 pages, $12.99.


Written by Art Baltazar and Franco, art and cover by Baltazar.

How many stretchy Super Heroes can you fit in the Tiny Titans treehouse? As many as you like ­ until they get tangled into knots! Join the search when The Atom's family lose their tiny bouncy ball. Also, there's a new janitor at the school, and it's not who you think! Plus, the Bird Scouts welcome a shiny gold new member!

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on Nov. 18.

MAD #502

Written and illustrated by The Usual Gang of Idiots.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner - but it's never too soon to be grateful for a new issue of MAD!

56 pages, $5.99, in stores on Nov. 11.

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Written and illustrated by Yunosuke Yoshinaga.

The battle for Krisna is underway and Rygart faces off against Zess, who leads the invading army. Knowing his old friend's forces are outnumbered, Zess tries to warn Rygart that his only chance of survival is to surrender ­ and abandon his kingdom. Then the war exacts a price as tragedy strikes both sides and Rygart finds his loyalty under question by his fellow mech pilots.

162 pages, black and white, $9.99, in stores on Dec. 2.


Written and illustrated by Kaoru Mori.

Final volume! It's the event everyone has been waiting for ­ the wedding of Emma and William Jones. Class distinctions have made their formal union almost impossible, but true love has finally overcome society's barriers. Of course, not everyone is happy about this turn of events. What roadblocks will be thrown in the way of this star crossed couple?

240 pages, black and white, $9.99, in stores on Dec. 2.


Written and illustrated by Cuvie.

In this final volume, Dorothea's epic adventure reaches a dramatic conclusion. The siege of Nauders is underway; can Dorothea's friends Else and Gyurk rally the citizens to repel the invaders ­ without Dorothea, who's been captured by the pious Konrad? He finally has the prisoner he's sought for so long and it's going to take all of Dorothea's wits and strength to survive.

226 pages, black and white, $12.99, in stores on Dec. 9.


Written and illustrated by Yu Yagami.

It's the last roundup for Naomi's wild west adventure. She and her friends face off against the deadly Death-Kachina, the most dangerous outlaw in the west. He's the only one who knows the truth about the fate of Naomi's parents, but can they get him to talk? Mingo and Gunman get reunited with their families, but will Naomi be so lucky? Find out where she ends up in this final volume.

194 pages, black and white, $9.99, in stores on Dec. 16.


Written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui.

Shin's parents will do anything to save a buck, but can the Noharas master a food eating challenge that no one's ever beaten before? The animal world steps into the spotlight, as Shin's dog Shiro confronts an intimidating cat and Shin takes a twisted view of both a horse and a snake. Then thoughts turn to family as Shin takes a shine to a baby and wants a little brother of his own.

128 pages, black and white, $7.99, in stores on Dec. 23.


Written and illustrated by Shigeru Takao.

Shinobu's relationship with the ninja Saizo is changing. Are they shifting from lady and protector to something a lot more equal...and way more romantic? Shinobu's mom warns her to back off, but her teacher Shogo is a bit more open-minded. Meanwhile, someone's got a security tape that shows the young couple in an affectionate embrace and Saizo's determined to keep it suppressed.

192 pages, black and white, $9.99, in stores on Dec. 30.

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