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Written by Robert Kirkman, art by TBA, cover by Marc Silvestri.

This is the story of a murderer. But this killer only hunts and murders people who deserve it, before they can hurt others. The only question is how does he select his victims?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 18.


Written by Jonathan Lincoln, art by Francis Tsai, covers by Tsai and Darick Robertson.

The first property from Top Cow and Heroes & Villains Entertainment is here! Alex O'Roark, the FBI's top tracker, has his perfect life ripped to shreds when a case to capture the world's most dangerous serial killer leads him straight into the maw of a werewolf. Now, keeping his secret from his gorgeous fiance and the FBI, he must hunt down the wolf that infected him before the disease turns him into a monster.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by Rick Loverd, art by Jeremy Haun, covers by Dale Keown and Haun.

The bone-crushing new series produced by Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia and DiVide Pictures continues this month! As Aaron continues his training under the watchful eye of Asgaard, Farris sets himself firmly on a collision course as he vows to destroy all of the other Berserkers. When these two inexperienced, powerful Berserkers meet only blood and carnage can follow in their wake.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Mark Waid, art by Kenneth Rocafort, covers by Rocafort and David Finch.

Morningstar and Cyberdata's ultimate plan is revealed in this earth-shattering conclusion. Will the Cyberforce and Hunter-Killer team members discover his true goal in time to stop it or will Morningstar emerge triumphant?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 25.


Written by Phil Hester, art by Hester, cover by Michael Broussard.

"Bog," Part 2 of 2. Jackie Estacado, in his quest to destroy all of The Sovereign's remaining vessels, must first overcome an ancient swamp creature known only as Bog. And if an unbeatable ancient creature wasn't enough, Jackie will also have to contend with the unkillable mercenary known only as Scab!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 4.


Written by Ron Marz, art Stjepan Sejic, covers by Sejic and Nelson Blake II.

A quiet, romantic weekend in New England turns into a terrifying mystery when Sara and Gleason are pulled into an investigation of missing children. But is this a simple missing persons case or has the Witchblade been drawn to another supernatural crime?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nov. 11.


Written by David Wohl and Christina Z, art and cover by Michael Turner. Return to the classic issues which made Witchblade Top Cow's flagship title! Writers David Wohl and Christina Z. and legendary artist Michael Turner introduce Sara Pezzini, Kenneth Irons, Ian Nottingham, and of course the mystical gauntlet -- The Witchblade -- to the world! Collects Witchblade #1-8.

226 pages, $14.99, in stores on Nov. 18.

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