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Writer/artist Fernando Ruiz talks about Archie & Friends #135, due in stores on Sept. 10.

Question: Archie & Friends #135 is your annual Halloween issue of Archie. What trouble do the kids get into this year?

Ruiz: Well, Archie and his friends are looking for new costumes for Riverdale's big Halloween bash. They decide to try a new costume shop in town that seems to make some pretty realistic monster costumes. What they don't know is that these costumes magically transform the wearer into whatever the costume is! We'll see the kids undergo some monstrous transformations... although in Reggie's case, they might see it as an improvement!

Question: Last year the kids stumbled on a part where the guests were monsters. Does becoming monsters themselves change their view of the party?

Ruiz: The costumes not only transform the kids into monsters, but it also causes them to take on the personality of those monsters so I guess that does color their view. We'll see the gang behaving monstrously as they throw themselves into their new roles. Chuck turns into a mummy so we'll definitely see him get "wrapped up" in his costume!

Question: Do all the kids turn into classic Universal monsters?

Ruiz: We do see some classic monster archetypes. They aren't exactly the Universal monsters, but we will see Archie become a werewolf, Chuck becomes a mummy, Betty becomes a witch, and Jughead becomes a vampire. Then there's Reggie! Reggie becomes a slimy, creepy... Well, some transformations are more dramatic than others.

Question: Who set up an evil costume shop in Riverdale?

Ruiz: The magic costume shop was set up by a beautiful but malevolent magic maker named Hallie. Her full name is Hallie WEEN...Get it?

Question: Is this the last issue of Archie and Friends? Does it become Archie & Fiends with #136?

Ruiz: Oh no! Rest assured Archie & Friends will be back with issue #137 ...and just wait until you see what we have lined up for that one! We've got a story where Archie is going to be meeting up with a bunch of different characters from all across the vast Archie Comics library of characters. I won't say anymore but I willl leave you with four little words... Cosmo The Merry Martian!

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