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Artist Stan Goldberg talks about Archie #601, due in stores on Sept. 16.

Question: This is the actual wedding issue when Archie marries Veronica. After all these years, what's it like to draw Archie gets married?

Goldberg: You know what, I never thought it would happen. We have done a lot of things over the years, but I didn't think they would get married, and I have done almost 250 issues. Now that they are getting married, we want to keep the fans instersested over the the six months. If you want to know how I feel about drawing Archie marries Veronica, I feel great!

Question: How do you draw the kids differently now that they are 20-something instead of teenagers?

Goldberg: Now I have to think of them as 24 years old. The girls were easier, becasue they look older than the boys in the comic. I changed Veronica's hair style and got rid of her bangs. With Archie's father, he was already bald, so I added glasses. With Archie I looked at my boys, at Archie's age they were thinner with smaller arms and necks. Now my sons have filled out. Not a fat look but a thicker look. I also flatted out Archie's hair and I dressed him as an adult. But Jughead always looks the same. It was a lot of fun and I hope that we will do more stories in this time period.

Question: What type of reaction have you received from fans?

Goldberg: My sons wanted to know if they were invited to the wedding. However, the majority of the fans are upset. Especially the young women who have not read Archie in a while. They feel it's not fair that Archie picked Veronica. It's better story if Archie picks Veroinica, it is more exciting, but the fans don't see it that way. One problem is that people are coming up to me and ask, "Where do you buy these books?" When I was younger, comics were sold everywhere. Now I have to tell people were to find them. You have to seak out the comics if you want to read them and the stores are selling out of Archie #600.

Question: Have you been surprised by all the attention Archie #600 has received?

Goldberg: Victor Gorelick was showing me stories about how Archie was setting a bad example by picking Veronica, and there have been a lot of stories like that, but they are talking about Archie. Hopefully they will read all six issues and decide to stick around after that. I remeber there was a lot of media attention when Superman died. It was covered in all the papers. So I expected some attention. We are telling some good stories. I have put a big effort into the making this as exciting as possible.

Question: What can you do to top Archie marries Veronica for Archie #700?

Goldberg: I did Archie #400 and # 500 and I draw Archie every month. I am working on Archie #607 now, so I am planning 93 more issues before we get there. I just have to keep healthy and stay ahead of the guy with the big sickle and I'll be drawing Archie #700.

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