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Writer Melanie J. Morgan talks about Pals 'n' Gals Double Digest #135, due in stores on Sept. 30.

Question: This is the last new look story for Archie. Does Archie have work for you on their traditional stories?

Morgan: Last New Look Story!? Am I fired!? I didn't know! How will I feed my family? What will I do?

All joking aside. It has been a lot of fun. I got to shake things up, tell longer stories and I got to work with some wonderful people. I will always cherish my time at Archie.

Question: What else are you doing outside of Archie Comics?

Morgan: I will continue writing stories for 'tweens and young adults.

Question: Looking back on the "new look" at Archie, what has this project added to Archie Comics?

Morgan: The new look added a longer story-telling format that explored the characters in different ways. It also put a spotlight on characters that did not get enough time to shine. We spotlighted Midge and Moose for the first time. Jughead had a girlfriend. We generated a lot of excitement about the first story "Bad Boy Trouble" and made people think about Archie comics and what the characters mean to them.

Question: With the last "new look" story, why focus on Reggie?

Morgan: Reggie is a character with a lot of deep motivation. We take him from being a practical joker to having a genuine desire to be a stand-up comedian. Bernadette Brownlee is nothing like Reggie and as we get to examine their relationship. In doing so we see a different side of Reggie. It is a side of Reggie that was always there but not the focus of most Reggie stories.

Question: Is Reggie all practical jokes and rivalry or is their a softer, insecure side to him?

Morgan: There are a lot of different sides to Reggie. I don't know if it is a softer side, but we do get to see Reggie setting goals and learning things about himself along the way.

Question: As Reggie tries to be "sensitive" is he really opening up to Bernadette Brownlee, or is it an act?

Morgan: Reggie is genuine. Reggie is always Reggie. He is not lying to Bernadette or trying to trick her into liking him. They are different people who have different goals in life, when they see what is important to the other and try new things, it changes them. The experience of trying new things is an important life lesson, not just for Reggie but for the reader as well.

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