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Written by Greg Rucka, art by Matthew Southworth.

PI Dex Parios has finally caught up with Charlotte Suppa, but what she's found is a whole lot more than she bargained for. Who rounds out the Charlotte love triangle? What criminal scheme is she wrapped up in? And what do people have against Dex's poor Mustang convertible? Find the answer to these questions and more!

40 pages, $3.99.


Written by Marc Guggenheim, art by Justin Greenwood.

A brand new story arc starts here! Following the catastrophic events in "Red Lion," Sara is joined by a new regular cast member! With a renewed sense of purpose and a new mission, Sara and her crew are on the move, but when they encounter a strange group called "Church of the Cosmos," will they find religion's warm embrace or fiery fist?

32 pages, $3.99.


Written and art by Chris Schweizer.

Legionnaire Peter Crogan has some hard questions to answer. Should he finish out his 5-year term of service with the French Foreign Legion, or become an officer for life? There's not much time to consider his options as the armies of the Tuaregs arrive. And just when Crogan thinks there's only the relentless heat still to overcome, the rag-tag group of hardened fighters are trapped in a cave by a terrible creature with a taste for human flesh!

160 pages, black and white, $14.95.

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