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By Bob Powell, Howard Nostrand, Dick Briefer, Steve Ditko, Jack Kamen, Mo Marcus, Gene Fawcette, Wally Wood, Harry Harrison, Dick Ayers and Joe Kubert, cover by Howard Nostrand.

Classic reprints of the grisliest 1950's precode comic book stories, including "River of Blood", "The Vampire Legion," "The Painted Beast," "The Last Man" and more than a dozen more, as drawn by masters of the macabre including Powell, Nostrand, Wood, Fawcette, Ayers, Ditko and Briefer!! 140 pages filled with weird, vintage horror!!.

This second extra-thick issue of Crypt of Horror boasts work by some of 1950's comicdoms' best artists, including four stories by the great Bob Powell, plus one more by his top protege' (and this issue's cover artist) Howard Nostrand, spooky contributions from EC masters of horror Jack Kamen and Wally Wood, as well as a tale highlighting the clean, streamlined artwork of Gene Fawcette. In addition to the usual anthology horror stories, this volume of COH showcases two of the 1950's very best horror-related ongoing series, with multiple examples of each. First, Dick Briefer's take on the timeless Mary Shelly creation, with a pair of Frankenstein stories originally published in his Prize Comics title: "The Monster's Mate", and "The Lady And The Monster". Then, it's supernatural surrealities in the Old West with Dick Ayer's Haunted Horseman in "The Ghost of Long John," "Skull House" and "Give The Devil His Due!"

140 pages, black and white, $29.95, in stores on Feb. 26.

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