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Following interviews with writer Michael Uslan and artist Stan Goldberg about the "Archie Gets Married" story, The Continuum today presents a question-and-answer with Archie Comics president and editor-in-chief Victor Gorelick about Archie #602, due in stores on Oct. 21.

Question: The big deal with #602 is the twins. Was there ever concern that someone might pick up the comic on the newsstand without reading the first two parts and think that Veronica was a teenage mother?

Gorelick: We have gone out of our way to make sure this isn't the perception and we added a page at the beginning of each chapter to catch fans up on the story in case this is the first issue they pick up.

Question: Archie Comics appears to be taking a risks with this story. Was there ever concern that the Betty fans might stop reading the comics?

Gorelick: We understand how the Betty fans feel, and we understood they would not be happy. In fact the fans were about 10 to 1 against Veronica before the first comic was even printed. Now that we are beyond the Archie and Veronica Wedding and we are looking at their married lives, I think the Betty fans will come around and enjoy the story in Archie #602, even if it is about the married lives of Archie and Veronica.

Question: The current story takes place 5 years in the future. Will there be more stories set in this time period after the "Archie Gets Married" storyline is finished?

Gorelick: We are only halfway through with this story. After this story ends in Archie #605, we will have an epilogue in Archie #606. From there it will depend on the fans' reaction to the story and the ideas our writers come up with.

Question: In the previous issue, we see that Archie can hardly deal with everything associated with his new job. How can he add twins on top of work and a relationship with his new wife Veronica and still hold everything together?

Gorelick: People have twins every day and, yes, it is harder to have twins. The story in Archie #602 centers on how Archie juggles all his responsibilities. It is a fun story and the fans will be surprised at how Archie ultimately deals with his situation.

Question: We are used to seeing Archie and Veronica acting childish. What type of parents do they make?

Gorelick: Everyone in high school is childish and that is what makes that phase of life fun. After school is over and you are married and have children, life is different. Archie and Veronica are very strong characters and will have to adjust to life as parents. It is that adjustment that will lead to all the fun and laughs in Archie #602. Make sure you reserve your copy today. It comes out next week!

Question: In light of Archie proposing to Betty on the cover of #Archie 603, is there a resolution to the Archie and Veronica marriage at the end of #602, prior to Archie proposing to Betty in #603? Or, is Archie hoping to take up a polygamist lifestyle?

Gorelick: Archie married to two women? No way. The answer lies in the Yellow Woods. Just follow the road.

Question: Do we see Archie as a divorced Dad, with Archie and Betty taking the kids every other weekend?

Gorelick: The word "divorce" is not in the Archie dictionary.


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