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Supreme Superman Muscle Chest (Lycra) Adult




Written and art by various.

Arcana Magzaine is a bold new endeavor focused on the very best of sequential art and the people behind it. Every issue is packed with interviews, articles, reviews and art to make your eyes bleed. We chat with Tom Taylor, the Australian playwright behind Star Wars: Invasion; Edmund Shern, creator of Radical's Freedom Formula; and Robert Venditti, writer of The Surrogates. Plus, in-depth discussion with the multi-talented David Mack (Kabuki), BOOM! Studios' Chip Mosher tells what it takes to sell comics these days and the ongoing love affair between music and comic books.

96 pages, $3.50.


Written by Tom Akel and Eric Mahoney, art by Alan Quah.

If you missed issues 1 and 2, then issue 3 is the perfect jumping on point! You won't believe your eyes when a party trip to the Big Easy for Mardi Gras leads to a not-so-welcome visitor to Hell's Kitchen. A couple of people get worried when the residents of 47th Street have been going missing.

28 pages, $3.50.


Written by Mark Poulton, art by Stephen Sistilli and Dexter Weeks, cover by Marat Mychaels.

Rob Liefeld's fallen angel, Avengelyne makes her much anticipated return to comics! When Koni unlocks the Lost Book of Souls she accidentally unleashes the ancient mystic demon, Milu. Now, possessing Koni's body, it's up to Avengelyne to stop this lord of ghosts before he calls upon his minions to wreak havoc upon the island. However, Milu has some interesting news for Avengelyne that will have serious effects on her future. It's an all out battle between two of comics hottest heroines!

28 pages, $3.95.


Written by Mark Poulton, art by Dexter Weeks.

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. Haiku is also a mischievous little cat. A Cat Named Haiku tells the engaging story of a day in the life of Haiku, a feline who puts the "cat" in catastrophe. Follow his misadventures as he learns a valuable lesson about friendship told completely in haiku. Whimsically written by Mark Poulton and beautifully illustrated by Dexter Weeks, this is sure to appeal to the child or cat lover in your home!

40 pages, $5.95.


Written and art by David Black.

Martin Foley, a cynical NYPD cop, investigates a murder in East Harlem. When he arrives, he finds no shooter, no victim. There are blood stains on the floor and thirty witnesses, who all agree on what happened: The killer shot the victim six times in the chest, then ran. A stranger stepped out the crowd, put his hands on the dead man's face. Like Lazarus, the dead man came back to life. The witnesses are convinced the stranger is an Angel of God.

96 pages, $14.95.

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