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Writer Ian Flynn talks about Sonic the Hedgehog #206, due in stores on Nov. 4.

Question: Who are the Iron Dominion?

Flynn: The Iron Dominion is this big group of villains from the far east. They're a mix of old and new -- we're introducing four new ninja clans to the Sonic lore, but we're also bringing back and revamping the Iron King and Iron Queen from the classic Sonic the Hedgehog #60.

Question: How did they capture Dr. Eggman?

Flynn: Dr. Eggman lost his marbles in his "final" showdown with Sonic back in Sonic the Hedgehog #200. He's been locked in a padded cell until very, very recently by his nephew, Snively. Snively is in cahoots with the Iron Dominion and helped them stage their takeover.

Question: What do they want with him?

Flynn: Technically he's still the head honcho of the Eggman Empire, so holding him cements their claim to worldwide power. And even if he is crazier than a loon, he's still THE big bad guy of Mobius. It's better to have him where you can keep an eye on him.

Question: Why would Sonic want to save his most-feared nemesis?

Flynn: The same reason the Iron Dominion wants to hold onto him: whoever controls Eggman controls the empire. Snatching him away from the Iron Dominion could possibly upset their control of the planet. On a personal note, though, Sonic feels a little guilty over what happened in Sonic the Hedgehog #200.

Question: Does saving Dr. Eggman change the relationship between Sonic and Dr. Eggman?

Flynn: That remains to be seen. Sure, Dr. Eggman is his #1 nemesis, but Sonic isn't the type to show no mercy. Sonic saw how much Dr. Eggman suffered at the end of their last fight and doesn't like that he did that to him. But what happens next between them will largely hinge on what Dr. Eggman does after he regains his senses - if he regains them.

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