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During The Continuum's visit to Warner Bros. Animation earlier this week, Kate Jewell sat down with Michael Jelenic, story editor of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

In part one of the interview, Jelenic talks about where the show stands in production, upcoming guest heroes and guest voices and where viewers will see two musical numbers.

To view the interview, CLICK HERE.



At last week's screening of Planet Hulk at the Paley Center in Los Angeles, The Continuum's Kate Jewell interviewed Frank Paur, the film's supervising director.

Paur, who is also involved in Marvel's upcoming Avengers series, talked about the challenges of translating the comics story to an animated movie and the film's action sequences.

To view the interview, CLICK HERE.

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For covers and six-page previews of Radical Publishing titles arriving in stores on Feb. 3, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost #1 and Legends: The Enchanted #0.


Lucasfilm has released a video preview from "The Mandalore Plot," Friday's new episode of Star Wars: The Clone War on Cartoon Network.

To view the clip, CLICK HERE.

Here's how the episode is described:

"Nearly wiped out by the Jedi Knights in a long-ago war, deadly Mandalorian warriors emerge from the shadows to exact cold revenge upon their peace-seeking rivals. Cloaked in mystery and hardened by memories of their bitter defeat, they are fueled by a collective desire to reclaim the glory of Mandalore -- no matter the cost.

"Sent to look into troubling rumors surrounding Duchess Satine of Mandalore, Obi-Wan Kenobi discovers the truth behind the whispers of a mysterious conspiracy. But his investigation uncovers more than he'd originally anticipated, pulling back the shadowy shroud from a long-rumored splinter group and bringing to light a deadly threat to the Republic."

Originally introduced as concept art that ultimately became the basis for bounty hunter Boba Fett, the Mandalorians have been favorites within the Star Wars fan community for years, even though much remains to be discovered about their culture, their history, or their in-universe origins.

"This is how George (Lucas) has always envisioned the Mandalorians," said supervising director Dave Filoni. "Of course, people immediately think of the iconic Fett armor, because that's all we've had to go on for so many years; it's mysterious, and we've built up that mystique as fans. But Boba and Jango Fett aren't necessarily what I would consider accurate representatives of the Mando culture. They're bounty hunters and outlaws totally rogue. If you go way back to the original concepts, the Mandalorians were a group of supercommando troops; it's only now that George is really bringing that to the screen. They're in the series because he wanted to define their culture, to explore the foundations of this warrior faction."

Jon Favreau, director of the two iron Man movies, voices the leader of the Mandolrian warriors. His involvement in The Clone Wars came as an indirect result of post-production for the first Iron Man film; he was working with Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound when his path crossed with Filoni's at Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch.

"I had mentioned that I would love to do a voice, and that I'd done voices before -- and the idea for me to play a Mandalorian came up. I wasn't holding out for a cool character, but I think the Mandalorians are probably the ones that the die-hards are going to be the most curious about," Favreau said. "I grew up a fan of Star Wars. It was the first time I had ever experienced that really iconic, mythic archetypal storytelling. What's fun about Star Wars is that it still has as much relevance and impact now as it did then. It seems to be a set of characters and a world that is timeless, and every generation seems to embrace. So it's fun to be able to share with my family and my kids the excitement that I had when I was young."


Fox has released five images from "Sanctuary," the Wednesday, Feb. 3 episode of Human Target.

Here's how Fox describes the episode:

"Chance needs a miracle to help protect a reformed thief from his vengeful former accomplices as they race to recover priceless religious artifacts hidden in a remote Canadian monastery."

Click on the thumbnails for larger image and look for more on Human Target on Friday here in The Continuum.


BOOM! Studios has released additional details about Cold Space, the new comics series from actor Samuel L. Jackson and writer/producer Eric Calderon that launches in April.

Here's how BOOM! describes the book:

"Cold Space follows the adventures of an on-the-run outlaw as he crash-lands on a hostile planet that is on the brink of civil war. Finding himself in the crossfire between two warring factions, Mullbery realizes that in chaos lies opportunity -- because where there's war, there's money to be made."

Interior art is by Jeremy Rock, with covers by Dave Johnson and Jeffrey Spokes.

"I'm a long time comic reader and big fan of many genres in graphic novels and manga - from crime thrillers, westerns, amd super-hero books, to samurai dramas, science fiction and horror. So I actually do read the stuff - and lots of it," Jackson said. "Now's my chance to put my stamp on the medium with something new, but with a classic taste of the stuff I already like."


Jo Chen has provided the cover for the Emerald City ComiCon's Monsters & Dames art book.

The full-color, 9x12-inch, 48-page hardcover is limited to 850 individually numbered copies and features contributions from artists such as Tim Sale, Mike Allred, Darick Robertson, Whilce Portacio, Eric Basaldua, Aaron Lopresti, Philip Tan, Michael Golden, Carlos D'Anda, Brian Churilla, Gabriel Hardman, Jamie McKelvie, Jim Rugg, Timothy Green, Steve Rolston, Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and Mark Texeira.

The convention will be held March 13-14 in Seattle.

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