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SAN FRANCISCO -- At its panel at WonderCon on Friday, IDW Publishing announced a True Blood comic book -- based on the HBO television series -- that will launch in July.

The comic features story by the HBO series creator Alan Ball. it will written by David Tischman and Mariah Huehner, with art by Messina and covers by Messina, Joe Corroney, J. Scott Campbell and Andrew Currie.

A video tape of Ball was shown at the panel -- "The writers of the show and I are closely involved," he said of the comic.

(To view the complete video, CLICK HERE. )

"We sat down with him and literally plotted out the stories," IDW's Scott Dunbier said. "It's great to see a guy like Alan Ball, who doesn't have to, take such incredible interest and ownership."

The series will launch at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

IDW's panel was themed big and better, but the panel was actually leaner and meaner, with a few scheduled panelists unable to attend because their flights were fogged in in San Diego.

Panelists included Scott Dunbier, Phil Kim, Bob Schreck and Max Brooks.

Following are other highlights:

* The Outfit, Darwyn Cooke's second adaptation of Richard Stark's Parker, is scheduled for October.

* IDW showed preview art of the Last Unicorn. "Absolutely, ridiculously gorgeous," Schreck said.

* Steve Niles and Ashley Wood have created Mystery Society, which will feature art by Canadian artist Fiona Staples. "It's kind of Nick and Nora meet Scully and Mulder," Schreck said of the five-issue series that starts in May.

* Brooks is writing G.I. Joe: Hearts and Minds. "I wanted to take a step back and take a look at certain G.I. Joe charactes and certain Cobra characters," Brooks said.

The series is five issues and each issue is divided into two stories, split between a G.I. Joe character and a Cobra character.

"I wanted to keep it G.I. Joe and go an extra level and infuse a little bit of reality," Brooks said, noting that the Major Blood story shows why he is a mercenary, going back to his father and grandfather. "'He does really horrific things, but readers will see why he does them."

Also featured will be Sprit (in #1), Doc, Blowtorch, Deep Six, Doctor Mindbender and Cobra recruits.

"I tried to infuse mine with as much realisty as Hasbro would let me get away with -- which was quite a lot," he said.

The series is drawn by Howard Chaykin.

* Jurassic Park launches in June as a five-issue series, with Schreck writing and Tom Yeates doing the covers. Variant covers will be by Frank Miller, Arthur Adams, Paul Pope and Bernie Wrightson

"It's a brand-new story, 13 years after the first movie with Tim and Lex, the children who got off the island," Schreck said.

The story is called "Redemption" and Tim wants to clear his grandfather's name. Schreck said characters from the various movies will appear.

Art is by Nate VanDyke.

James Patterson's Witch & Wizard will launch in May as a five-issue series. "What if Harry Potter were jammed together with 1984?" Schreck said of the concept. It is written by Dara Naraghi, with art by Victor Santos and covers by Fabio Moon.

* The Murder of King Tut, another James Patterson title, will launch in June. It is written by Alex Irvine, with art by Chriostpher MItten and Ron Randall and covers by Darwyn Cooke. It will run four issues.

Famous Monsters of Filmland, the creation of Forrest J Ackerman running from 1958-1983, will be brought back by IDW. There will be variant covers by the likes of Richard Corben, and the magazine will be published quarterly.

Bloom County The Complete Library, Volume Two features an introduction by Ted Koppel.

X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan Volume One, collecting the work of Al Williamson and Archie Goodwin, will be released in July.

* The Life and Art of Alex Toth: Genius, Isolated, a biography by Dean Mullaney and Bruce Canwell, is slated for the fall. Dunbier said it will feature artwork never before seen and production designs from some of his cartoons.

The Best of Stan Goldberg will be featured the second book featured in the Archie series.

Dave Stevens' The Rocketeer Artist Edition will be a hardcover printed at the same size of the original art in black and white. "It will be the closest thing you'll ever get to Dave Stevens' original art," Dunbier said.

Strange Science Fantasy will be a six-issue series by Pixar's Scott Morse starting in July. Paul Pope will be doing a one-page backup in each issue.

IDW announced that it will be publishing on the iPad beginning on Saturday. IDW's Sony PSP titles feature creator-owned commentary.

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