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TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2010


Warner Home Video has announced cast and details for Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the DC Universe animated movie scheduled for release on Blu-ray and DVD on Sept. 28.

Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy return to voice Superman and Batman, respectively. The cast also includes Andre Braugher as Darkseid, Summer Glau as Supergirl and Ed Asner as Granny Goodness.

Based on the DC Comics series/graphic novel Superman/Batman: Supergirl by Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is produced by Bruce Timm and directed by Lauren Montgomery from a script by Tab Murphy.

Here's how the film is described:

"After a spaceship splashes down in Gotham City Harbor, Batman and Superman encounter a mysterious Kryptonian with powers as great as those of the Man of Steel. The Kryptonian is soon revealed to be Kara, cousin of Superman, who takes her under his wing to educate her about the ways of Earth. However, the villainous Darkseid has other plans. Seeing an opportunity to finally defeat Superman, Darkseid abducts and gains control of Kara, utilizing the powerful Kryptonian to do his bidding. It's up to Batman and Superman to save Kara, but they'll have to take the fight to Darkseid within his hostile world -- where unknown, deadly threats lurk around every corner, including a brainwashed Kryptonian able to match Superman blow-for-blow."

In addition to the feature film, the Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Special Edition Blu-Ray and 2-Disc Special Edition DVD include the third DC Showcase animated short, Green Arrow.

Written by Greg Weisman, the story finds Oliver Queen at the Star City International Airport to pick up his girlfriend, only to be forced into action as Green Arrow to protect the 10-year-old Princess of Vlatava from his old nemeses Merlyn the Magnificent and the League of Assassins. The short features the voices of Neal McDonough and Malcolm McDowell. Timm is executive producer.


The Green Arrow animated short has been announced as part of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, scheduled for release on Blu-ray and DVD on Sept. 28.

During The Continuum's visit to Warner Bros. Animation earlier this year, producer Alan Burnett talked about the short, hinting at an appearance from another DC hero.

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Titles include Army of Two #6, Bram Stoker's Death Ship #2, Dragon Age #2, G.I. Joe: Hearts and Minds #2, The Last Unicorn #2, Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge #1, Tank Girl: The Royal Escape #4 and Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper #1.


Katee Sackhoff is providing the voice of She-Hulk in Season 2 of The Super Hero Squad Show, The Continuum has learned.

Sackhoff is probably best known as Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. Her credits also include 24 and Bionic Woman.

She-Hulk will appear in one episode of the second season. Producer Cort Lane told The Continuum that there were more than 100 speaking Marvel characters in the first season and to look for "similar exploration of the Marvel Universe" in Season 2.

In other Super Hero Squad news:

* A Season 2 episode will be titled "Double Negation at the World's End!" Annihilus appears in the episode.

* Look for more on the series soon here in The Continuum.

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* Marvel Comics has unveiled Arthur Adams' variant cover to New Mutants #15, in stores on July 21.

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* Paramount Pictures has released the most recent TV spot for The Last Airbender.

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