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The CW has released a gallery of images from "Supergirl," the Friday, Oct. 8 episode of Smallville.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"Clark (Tom Welling) is stunned when Kara (guest star Laura Vandervoort) returns to Earth and tells him Jor El sent her to stop the dark force that is coming because he doesn't believe Clark can handle it. Meanwhile, Lois (Erica Durance) confronts Gordon Godfrey (guest star Michael Daingerfield), a shock jock radio DJ who has been crusading against heroes, after he threatens the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley). However, after Godfrey is possessed by the dark force, he takes Lois hostage and Clark and Kara have to come to her rescue."

The CW Connect recently conducted a question-and-answer with Vandervoort, who provided hints about the episode. To view the video, CLICK HERE.

In other Smallville news, the network has released a description from "Homecoming," the series' 200th episode scheduled to air on Friday, Oct. 15.

Here's how the network describes the episode:

"In an attempt to cheer up Clark (Tom Welling), Lois (Erica Durance) convinces him to attend their five-year high school reunion. A visit back to the home of the Crows has Clark remembering old times with Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and Chloe (Allison Mack), while Lois is furious that no one remembers her five days as a student. Brainiac 5.0 (James Marsters) uses his Legion ring to visit from the future and takes Clark through his past, present and future. He shows Clark what really happened the night Jonathan died, Oliver's (Justin Hartley) current pain and Clark's future at the Daily Planet with Lois and his role as Earth's favorite red and blue superhero."


Avatar Press has released its solicitations for December.

For a roundup, with images, CLICK HERE.


Summit Entertainment has released a new clip from the Red movie, which arrives in theaters on Oct. 15.

This clip is called "Girl Time" and features Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker.

To watch the clip, CLICK HERE.


For covers and three- to four-page previews of titles arriving in stores next month from Marvel Comics, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Deadpool #28, Incredible Hulks #615 and X-23 #2.

For preview of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on Sept. 29, CLICK HERE.


Fox has announced that is is moving Season 2 of Human Target -- which was originally scheduled to premiere on Friday -- to Wednesday, Nov. 17.

The series will now air on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) instead of the Friday at 8 p.m. time period, where it would have been up against another DC Comics-inspired show, The CW's Smallville.

Here's how Fox describes the new season:

"Picking up from the heart-pounding first season cliffhanger, the new season of Human Target kicks off with a bang as Chance (Mark Valley) and Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) race to rescue their kidnapped associate, Winston (Chi McBride). Vowing to retire from the security business, Chance is lured back to work by billionaire philanthropist Ilsa Pucci (new series regular Indira Varma), who needs his protection after the mysterious murder of her husband. While on assignment, the team encounters Ames (new cast member Janet Montgomery), a beautiful, chameleon-like thief who has a past connection to Winston."

Human Target is returning to a time period where last season it ranked No. 1 its time period among Adults 18-49, Adults 25-54, Teens and Total Viewers.

Encore episodes of House will now air in the Friday 8 p.m. time period.


Fox has released description and images from the upcoming "Excellence in Broadcasting" and "Welcome Back Carter" episodes.

Here's how Fox describes "Excellence in Broadcasting," which airs on Sunday, Oct. 3:

"When Brian learns that Rush Limbaugh (guest-voicing as himself) is going to be at the Quahog Mall for a book-signing, he decides to go down there and give him a piece of his left-wing mind. But when Rush unexpectedly comes to Brian's rescue, Brian has a political change of heart."

Click on the thumbnails above and below for larger images.

Here's how Fox describes "Welcome Back Carter" which airs on Sunday, Oct. 10:

"After Peter catches Lois' dad, Carter, having an affair, he is strong-armed into keeping a secret. But when Peter accidentally spills the beans, Lois' mom demands a divorce, and Peter is in charge of Carter's return to bachelorhood."

Click on the thumbnails below for larger images.


* Image Comics has released another teaser image for December's The Walking Dead #80. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* BOOM! Studios has released a trailer for the upcoming Stan Lee's The Traveler series.

To view the trailer, CLICK HERE.

* Archaia Comics has released a trailer for the upcoming graphic novel Return of the Dapper Men.

To view the trailer, CLICK HERE.


For previously posted December solicitations, click on the publishers' names below:

* Archie Comics.

* Aspen Comics.

* Bluewater Productions.

* Bongo Comics.

* Dark Horse Comics.

* DC Comics.

* IDW Publishing.

* Image Comics.

* Marvel Comics.

* Moonstone Books.

* Top Cow Productions.

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