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Written by Mike Bullock, art by Jose Massaroli, colors by Bob Pedroza, covers by Thomas Yeates and Dave Hoover.

Ripped from today's world news comes a reimagining of the classic jungle girl genre debuting a new hero for the modern age! Join the Rae sisters, recent UCLA grads, as they travel across modern-day Africa defending the defenseless. Guided by the mysterious Mr. Eden, they assume the identity of a mythical goddess and reveal their Savage Beauty. Mike Bullock presents a fresh new spin on the jungle girl genre, featuring real world conflicts in Africa and beyond.

This over-sized premiere issue also includes a Golden Age Sheena reprint, a look back at Jungle Girls with Michael "Robot 6" May and "lost art" from the proposed 1960 Raquel Welch/Sheena movie!

40 pages, $2.99.


Written by Mark Rahner, Robert Horton and Steven L. Frank, art by David Namisato and more, covers by Brittany Jackson and Joel Gomez.

In this one-shot flip issue, you get new stories from two of Moonstone's hottest titles. Following a lead on the undead outbreaks plaguing 1877 America, reluctant agent Wadecinvestigates rumors of an Indian curse with his partner, Flynn. They stumble into a grotesque massacre... but that's just the beginning of the horror they'll face. Who knew that these events would affect high school football players and cheerleaders over a century later!

32 pages, $1.99.


Written by Gary Phillips, art by Shawn Martinbrough, cover by Michael Stribling.

Los Angeles is the birthplace of noir because the brighter the sunshine, the deeper the shadows and the more deadly the mischief that goes on in the dark.  Angeltown: The Nate Hollis Investigations is a HC from Moonstone reprinting the Vertigo mini-series in glorious black and white -- the original sequential mystery featuring the cool, tough private eye's frenzied search in the shadows for a pro hoopster wanted for murder in "Baller."

Additionally, Phillips has penned two original illustrated prose short stories for this volume: "Hollywood Killer," wherein superhero pretenders prowling Hollywood Boulevard for tips are getting bumped off, and "King Cow," about cattle, low-riders and babes with Nazi tattoos.

176 pages, black and whtie, $19.95.


Written by Mike Bullock, art by Ben Hansen, colors by Bob Pedroza, cover by Francheso.

More story pages than ever before! From the pages of Air Fighters comes the first issue of Air Vixens starring Black Angel, Bald Eagle and Valkyrie. When Der Furher sent Valkyrie to smuggle secret weapons and intelligence across Europe in a zeppelin, he didn't expect Black Angel and Bald Eagle to crash the party, and neither did they. Tune in for the first issue featuring the high flying femme fatales of the Air Fighters in this oversized, bombastic first issue!

32 pages, $3.99.

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