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NEW ORLEANS -- The dots were on for the last time. Ryan Reynolds stepped into a screening room to talk to a group of journalists visiting the set of Green Lantern, and while the future Hal Jordan cleaned up for the mini-press conference, the dots used for special effects remained painted on his neck and elsewhere.

It's Friday, August 6, the 103rd and last day of first-unit shooting for the Warner Bros. movie, which arrives in theaters June 17. A weary-yet-enthusiastic Reynolds, who just a few days earlier won over fans at Comic-Con International by reciting the Green Lantern oath, seemed prime for the mantle of one of DC Comics' most iconic hereos.

"This is the first movie I've ever done, where all my nieces and nephews are tracking it," said Reynolds, who then removed his Green Lantern ring and passed it around for the press members to see up close.

"It's the scope, it's incredible. You have Earth, you have space, you have fighter jets, you have aliens, you have all of these elements together in one film. It's just something you haven't seen in so long. For me, the last time I've seen it's done well, was watching Harrison Ford with Han Solo. I just thought, 'I want to be in that world.' And I feel like we get to expierence that with this."

The Star Wars comparison rang true, especially with the barrage of visuals presented to journalists for the set visit that day.

The day started with a walk-through of the movie with production designer Grant Major, who led a tour of designs for characters and scenes in an art-filled room. With co-producer and DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns chipping in, Major showed the story of Hal Jordan, how he became a Green Lantern and his first big challenge. From a lifesize Kilowog standee to designs for more nearly two dozen Green Lanterns, the Planet Oa and props such as the battery and the ring itself, attention to the movie's source material was evident.

(Warner Bros. has revealed two conceptual images from the film featuring Oa. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.)

Later, in the screening room, the journalists were shown a CG test for Tomar-Re and a scene with Reynolds' Hal Jordan, Blake Lively's Carol Ferris and Jay O. Sanders' Carl Ferris after a test flight gone awry.

In addition to more from Reynolds, Johns and Major, look for interviews from the set visit with Mark Strong (fully made up as Sinestro), director Martin Campbell, producer Donald DeLine and costume designer Ngila Dickson.

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