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Pop singer Katy Perry is making a special-live action appearance in the Sunday, Dec. 5 episode of The Simpsons on Fox.

Perry will appear with The Simpsons puppets and Martha Stewart provides a guest-voice in "The Fight Before Christmas."

Here's how Fox describes the episode, which features four holiday tales:

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Springfield, but while Marge gets in the holiday spirit, it's bah humbug for the rest of the family. Disappointed that she is alone spreading the holiday cheer, Marge sends a letter to Martha Clause (Stewart) to help her save the family Christmas. Martha comes to the rescue and transforms the house into the North Pole chalet Marge has always dreamed of, but when the family is noticeably absent from the perfectly trimmed holiday home, she realizes that it's Homer and the kids who make the holidays special.

"Meanwhile, the Simpsons get ready to sneak away for a tropical holiday vacation in Hawaii, but surprise visitors Mr. Burns and Moe's new friend, Katy Perry (guest-starring as herself in a special live-action sequence) delay their getaway."

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Fox has released its mid-season plans, including what appears to be a complete roll-out for the second season of Human Target.

The series will remain in its one-hour posiition on Wednesday at 8 p.m. through the rest of the year.

On Jan. 5 and Jan. 12, Fox will air two new episodes each night.

Human Target will not air on Jan. 19 and will return on Jan. 26 at 9 p.m. The show will air in that time period through Feb. 9. On Feb. 16, Fox starts airing two-hour American Idol episodes.

In other Human Target news, Fox has released a preview video for "The Wife's Tale," Wednesday's new episode.

To view the video, CLICK HERE.


The CW has released a gallery of images from "Luthor," the Friday, Dec. 3 episode of Smallville.

The network also aired a promo video for the episode. To view the view, CLICK HERE.

Here's how the episode is described:

"Tess (Cassidy Freeman) acquires a Kryptonian box that once belonged to Lionel Luthor (John Glover). When Clark (Tom Welling) accidentally activates the box, he's transported to a parallel universe where Lionel found Clark in the cornfields instead of the Kents. In this universe, Clark Luthor is a murderer and Lois (Erica Durance) is engaged to Oliver (Justin Hartley) and both of them hate Clark. Clark must be careful not to tip off Lionel that he's not his son while trying to figure out how to get back to Earth where the monster Clark Luthor was transported in his place."

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In other Smallville news, the network has released a description for "Icarus," the Friday, Dec. 10 episode:

"The VRA is in full effect and things take an unfortunate turn of events after the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) tries to stop a mugging but is attacked by citizens for being a super hero. Clark (Tom Welling) discovers that the civilians who attacked Oliver were all marked with a darkness tattoo. Carter Hall (Michael Shanks) and Star Girl (Britt Irvin) return to help Clark deal with Slade's (Michael Hogan) re-emergence after he kidnaps Lois (Erica Durance)."


Dynamite Entertainment has released its solicitations for February.

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Ape Entertainment has released its solicitations for February.

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* IDW Publishing has announced it is teaming with CBS Consumer Products to continue Jericho from the end of the television series in comic-book form from the original creative team behind the TV show.

In February, IDW will release both Jericho #4 and Jericho Redux. The specially priced Redux edition will collect the first three issues of the series and prep readers for the continuation with issues #4 through #6.

Beginning with issue #4, the series will be written by Matthew Federman, with artist Matt Merhoff and cover artist Scott West.

Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for The Green Hornet.

To view the trailer, CLICK HERE.

* Natalie Portman, who plays Jane Foster in Thor, will be a guest on CBS' The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday.


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